Hamas advertises horror movie stills as Palestinians.


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25 thoughts on “Hamas propaganda uses Hollywood – The Final Destination4

  1. Hollywood has been property of AIPAC-Zionist for many decades, under one name or another, and used to propagandize and demonize Muslim for at almost a century. You won't find a major "Muslim" stage in Hollywood, giving positive identification to this "Anti Muslim" piece of garbage.
    A Swedish film crew made up a fake Palestinian video just to see how many major-media would use it, without validating the video… and when everyone used it as valid, the Swedish director made it known it was a fake.

  2. I m sure that it's an isreali account that put that. Don't tell me that 1400 innocent dead is a propaganda

  3. When it is all said and done… the question will be "What side were you on?" The side where an israeli government is making you believe it's just protecting its people by showing how hamas is a 100% bonafide terrorist organization thereby making you believe even more that they're "probably using human shields as a tactic to win and the palestinians follow them" so that the blame will go back on somebody right inside Gaza… OR the side that actually has a great number of innocent people dead. What side were you on as a human being? But God knows exactly WHO the secret criminal is here or who is MOST wrong… the criminal can get away with it over here but it WILL be dealt with in the future. On the day of judgement, it WILL be important who you cared for. It WILL be important if you thought that a particular government is fully justified in killing innocent babies, children, women, elderly by believing such a farfetched argument that they are acting as human shields to protect weapons and would die for weapons. (Israeli soldiers used palestinian children as human shields in Operation Cast Lead and i'll try to provide a link at the end… it reminds me how america is the only one who truly used an atomic bomb on a people but walks around forcing others to not have weapons of mass destruction because "we don't know what they'll do with it"… when america has proven what they would do with it) It will be important whether you thought that Hamas is telling people to become human shields for some selfish reason or some selfish desire for sympathy. You would need to go pretty far in your mind to believe that this is exactly what is happening and the israeli government and its soldiers who have power in so many ways….are just "defending israel". If you support israel and say, "It's sad that INNOCENT people in palestine are dying… BUUUUT hamas should stop firing rockets and using its people as human shields. That's why so many have died. Don't blame it on us, blame it on them" The minute you say the part after "BUT"… it's over. You know very well in your mind and heart that what you are not being sincere. You are justifying to yourself and others that what you are supporting is humane and necessary. You are trying to block out the guilt for those deaths by telling yourself that there's a terrorist organization who is fully responsible for those civilian deaths… ALL those innocent deaths have occurred because a terrorist organization in every instance has in some way done something fishy …and most certainly had to have put weapons in that area for a reason… and the reason being so that israel shoots innocent people and the terrorist organization gains a sympathy vote. And that israel has never shot anywhere in Gaza where there were just normal palestinians not doing ANYTHING… and that israel would never NOT care if they are shooting innocent civilians in palestine… noooo israel would never want to do that, it's just the terrorist group in gaza…that's all.  700+ death toll mostly innocent babies, children, women, elderly… leaves a lot of people to wonder if they should still be trying to justify to themselves that hamas is using its people as human shields and THAT's why those people have all died. Care for mankind and think about it honestly…thank you for reading any of this. http://www.cjpmo.org/DisplayDocument.aspx?DocumentID=574

  4. It's interesting that they use Mel Gibson movies, because they love anything anyone tells them is against Jews. For example antisemites and colonialist Muslims have developed a new and specific love where I live to solely shop at German owned supermarkets. I know this because I shop at them too, and any other place I shop has almost no Muslims (at least in the recognizable attire).

    BTW; they also used images of British soldiers beating Iraqi children.

  5. all of you stupid fucks thinks gaza is the victim ??
    we fucking attac them only cuz they shot at us first 
    so fuck off and start live in our earth when gazans are stupid fuck motherfuckers killing their own children and blame us for it 
    they shooting missiles out of fucking hospitals preschool and houses so we cant attack them and not kill citizens
    soo FUCK OFF

  6. "This is the reason the Hasbara network was pushing the fake photo of a dead girl so hard. They circulate a fake photo under supposedly pro Palestinian sock accounts so they can accuse Hamas of using propaganda. Palestinians don't need to circulate fake photos of murdered children, Israel provides enough opportunity for the real thing…"

  7. So cool kill! Hamas don't do cool kills, so it has to be someone else……

  8. Опаньки..А что, нет своих, настоящих фотографий "зверств" израильтян? Зато полно роликов на ЮТуб  "живых щитов" Хамаса, где при внимательном просмотре видно как люди мечутся,пытаются уйти, а их сталкивают обратно вооруженные фигуры. И кто зверствует против жителей Газы? Ф топку Хамас!

  9. Music from Video  Two Steps From Hell – Heart of Courage

  10. Usual  Palewood  bullshit from whining palestinians. Lies and  more lies.  

  11. Does someone have a link or other way to corroborate that this was an image used in a news story?

  12. AAAA LOL Russian RT copy Hamas video one-by-one! From Siria, Israel,Iraq they say tha it was Ukraine. fuc#ing idiots!

  13. Please can anyone tell me what is the name of the music towards the end of the video??

  14. There is a reason why israel is the most despised country on the planet after N.Korea and this because you have no morality when it comes to killing children. In the last week there have been 100's of thousands of people around the world marching in support of Palestine can you show me one march in support of israel! Good luck with that hahahaha

  15. Danke für dieses Video. Ich hoffe Ihr könnt weitere Lügenvideos so aufklären.

  16. The mohammedist morons lie about everything, even the fact that they worship "The Deceiver"!

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