‘Hamilton’ is finally available to stream on Disney+

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36 thoughts on “‘Hamilton’ is finally available to stream on Disney+

  1. I have never seen Hamilton or heard the soundtrack. But I love Lin-Manuel Miranda in everything he’s been a part of (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Moana) *because* of his success with this show. Time to finally see it!

  2. I just finished watching. It was so amazing. I laughed, I sang, I cried! Can’t wait to watch it again.

  3. I was lucky enough to win tickets in a raffle to see it while it was in public theater, I even got to meet Lin-Manuel after the show. So excited to see it again!

  4. Australian here who’s knowledge of the American Revolution is very weak. Watched it last night, was fucking awesome and I’ve been buried in a Wikipedia rabbit hole ever since

  5. This show had great music and production value. I know it’s an unpopular opinion but as a black man and theatre teacher the presentation and certain parts of the story/dialogue frustrates me. The colorblind casting is great but the inaccurate portrayal of racial inequality of the story’s time period is frustrating. Although it would lead to a great unit when teaching dramaturgy.

  6. As a white male… I would just like to jump in to say that all the people claiming reverse racism on “Hamilton” have trash opinions. Thanks for reading.

  7. Saw it live this past summer. Amazing show. Can’t wait to watch it again tonight.

  8. I just watched it. Hamilton is freaking amazing! I wish I could have seen it live

  9. As someone who listened to it 200 times on Spotify, I wasn’t ready for it to be so good. I definitely took the day off, got drunk with my wife and watched this gleefully.

  10. To all the racists down below- this isn’t white face- my understanding is they did blind auditions so it didn’t matter your skin color you could get the part you were most qualified for- so please join us in the present we’re running a real nation, this is progressive af

  11. The only problem I’ve got with Hamilton is the idea that its supposed to be an accessible story/musical style/theater piece, particularly for POC. And then a ticket costs $500.

    So I’m glad they’re streaming it, but then again I don’t know what a Disney+ membership costs.

  12. Dang am I an asshole for getting a little bored trying to watch it?

  13. Now I’ll wait for Disney+ to be available in my country. And then expect Hamilton not to be region-locked.

  14. IT. WAS. AWESOME!!! I had tickets to see it March 29th but corona ruined those plans. So grateful it was released on Disney+

  15. I actually had tears in my eyes watching this….and I clapped along with the audience after each song! What a gift LMM is!

  16. I saw a production in my city. It was a great show! The first musical I saw live. Plan on watching this tonight, should be fun.

  17. Neat, now those of us who couldn’t afford to mortgage our houses can see this musical!

  18. I have wanted to see this for so long! I’m getting drunk tonight and watching the shit out of it.

  19. The production value was amazing to me, the simple almost minimalistic design choices made some songs I usually hate on the soundtrack extremely interesting.

  20. The only exposure I had to Hamilton was the song Burn, when a student performed it for a revue back in September. I convinced my reluctant husband to watch with me. We both loved it. That last song did me in, though. I had held myself together until Eliza closed us out.

  21. If only it didn’t freeze of buffer every 5 minutes. (Hard wired 168 mbps down)

    Hamilton is great, Disney +, not so much.

  22. I was a sophomore in highschool when this show first got popular that feels so long ago

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