Voici une version “Happy” de Pharrell William réalisée avec 26 extraits de films (plus ou moins célèbres) comportant des scènes de danse. Saurez-vous tous les reconnaître ? 😉

Here’s a version “Happy” of Pharrell William realized with mounting 26 film clips (more or less famous) with dance scenes. Will you recognize them all ? 😉

Dirty Dancing,
Sister Act,
The Fastest Gun Alive,
(500) Days of a Summer,
White Nights,
West Side Story,
Pulp Fiction,
The Blues Brothers,
From Dusk Till Dawn,
The Mask,
Nine 1/2 Weeks,
Mary Poppins,
Singin’ in the Rain,
Billy Elliot,
Back to the Future,
Saturday Night Fever,
The Artist,
Austin Power,
Spiderman III.

Made just for fun on a rainy day …
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2 thoughts on “Happy From Hollywood Movies (Los Angeles) – Pharrell Williams

  1. Some fantastic juxtapositions. This song is so transcendent and durable. West SIDE STORY, MARY POPPINS, PULP FICTION, SINGING IN THE RAIN and MICHAEL JACKSON!! It doesn't get better unless you add Sinatra, Presley,, James Brown and probably MADONNA.

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