Harry & Meghan are mooching in Tyler Perry’s Hollywood mansion but the neighbours aren’t happy

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34 thoughts on “Harry & Meghan ~ Yet More Mooching in Hollywood and the neighbours aren't happy

  1. Meg I’ve read that the property is up foe demolition by Mohammad Hadid so they’re staying there till then

  2. They have been there in the first week in February the neighbors around there said there gone and know one made a deal of it till they found out they was in LA they have been there for a long time I wish I could find the story where those neighbors said they was gone

  3. Oh yeah just like my hubby's brother like identical situations….lol….yep immature ….lol I give iit 10 yrs

  4. Archie’s video was bizarre, with MM constantly playing to the camera. MM used every opportunity to look up and fake smile at the camera during the video. Body language screamed “this video is about MEEE, my child is simply a prop.” She did not come off as genuinely attached to her child.

  5. Ginge and cringe. Harry and his hooker. Preach and leech. Medusa and just harry. Call this pair whatever you may, but they are still the same now as they will always be. Soul less, heartless, manipulative, greedy, attention seeking money grabbers, with matching personalities with the depth of a puddle! 😁👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  6. I think Tyler Perry should get his head examined is what I think. 🤣🤣🤣 having said that, they are of course not using the entire mansion. It could a small little wing with enough rooms for them and the helpers. TP is getting house sitters cheap plus the security he is not paying to secure his property. Why not? He is not renting out the property, so money is not a problem unless he’s cheap enough to ask the couple to pay rent. 😊😁😃

  7. They’re not really homeless, the taxpayers of the UK paid and continue to pay for their empty home in the UK , Frogmore Cottage. There’s a private jet waiting to fly them home. Canada 🇨🇦 and USA 🇺🇸 say, please get on board.

  8. When these two idiots figure out the little flying figures over the house are called drones and everybody can unwind they’re going to feel like fools I can’t believe they think they’re that special that somebody really cares about what they’re doing they’re making their own drama they’re making their own movie they’re their own cartoon characters unbelievable nobody cares

  9. No one in this world need a mansion like this even in the strange world of who? Tyler Perry how did he get all of this money in the first place. People who are this blatantly bathing in their own luxury and hedonistic lifestyle show disrespect for the rest of the world. Wake up call coming.

  10. Archie will one day ask; "You mean to tell me, I could have been raised in the beautiful English country side, hanging out with my cousins?…and you raised me in LA!…LA?, really?, have you seen the downtown?…and all, cause Hollywood was calling YOUR name?.

  11. Harry said in an article while in Canada. He pre-recorded videos and will time release these video. I don’t keep track of his articles. But, I do recall him saying he pre-recorded videos.

    I suspect the two may have cash in or made a deal for their lifestyle. Do you recalled the celebrity and high profile rich talk in Florida. Maybe they raised money from Harry story at the engagement. Charles only gives them 3 million pounds a year. Or maybe he is selling his stuff.

  12. Wealthy Prince Harry and Princess Meghan are NOT "mooching," anymore than friends who Meghan entertained were "mooching" off of her! Those friends ( like Serena Williams and her husband) state that spiritually-devout Princess Meghan took very good care of them.

  13. They need to go back to the UK and beg forgiveness or face reality. Megan doesn't like hunting? She probably believes food magically appears in the grocery store. Megan will spend the inheritance he gets at 40, ditch him, and claim she was abused by him.

  14. Megan probably called the helicopters herself to try and look important. Also odd the feminist who hates President Trump's talks of building a wall for security of our Country then actually builds a wall around herself and family 🤯

  15. Let's not forget Harry is Meghan's poppet, what she says is what WILL be done.
    With no discussion or weighing in on their options or you will go back to Time Out back in the closet.
    Harry has no say so, no way no how. He is to speak only when he is spoken to, not when he wants to speak. Harry is not Meghan's husband only a money asset, and as long as that goes on he is nothing to her. When his money trail, the Duchy of Cornwall. Prince Charles does not realize that he will with Meghan be the complete downfall of Harry, probably due to a pro-guo agreement the two have signed in blood. ( Meghan and Charles )
    Someone is going to go down hard and may be stuck in a situation of PTSP and it won't be Meghan.

  16. Harry and MeMe should give a pep talk to the millions in lock down who have lost their jobs and are barely exhisting on the dole and he can spout his and her ludicrous airy fairy platitudes THRIVING AND SURVIVING….He is so out of touch he sounds insane.

  17. It's time prince Charles stops giving his son money and like harry says we wont to be independent ,so prince Charles cut the cord with your son and let him get on with it

  18. Maybe Oprah will buy a house for them. Oprah has proven in the past that the color of one's skin is the most important thing to her. She endorsed her "friend" Hilary Clinton for president until Obama announced he was running. All of a sudden being a friend and a woman wasn't nearly as important as Obama's skin color. Then when Hilary ran again Oprah was all over it because she's a woman – which wasn't important eight years before. Oprah is the biggest hypocrite in H'wood. Yeah, she gives stuff away – which is easy when the cost doesn't impact her finances – but she's not a nice person. She is, however, powerful so heaven help H&M if they get on her bad side. I've been saying for a year now that this marriage is a business deal. Harry gets out of any royal responsibilities and M gets her fame and title. This move to LA was the end goal all along from courtship to now. Harry, however, didn't ever expect his family to take away any of his privileges so he's a bit stunned.

  19. They have well and truly burned their bridges. It is very difficult to have any sympathy for them.

  20. This scumbag has been keeping a diary ever since she arrived in the U.K , and was caught by palace staff taking photographs in Buckingham palace , which is definitely not allowed . The scab’s book has been in the plan for a long time

  21. They're pretending to look for a house. They should be paying rent to Tyler. Paying to the owner of each place they stay in!!

  22. All the royals are behind theses two things. Just wonder what they are really up to

  23. l know this might sound crazy to some folks. but l believe Meghan and harry have joined the illuminate. most know oprah has been a predominant member for years! as are many celebrities. and that would explain to me why they are being allowed to mooch of oprah's friends and associates!! meghan WOULD sell her soul to the devil for fame. and harry just blindly and foolishly follows her every command!!

  24. Why do you waste your stupid breath talking about them. Get a life and ignore them

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