in this video I talk about Princess Beatrice’s Wedding, Captain Sir Tom Moore getting knighted at 100 years old, and Hollywood Harry’s desperate struggle to be a surfer on a push bike! #MeghanVsMail #megxit #meghanmarkle #ROYALBIRTHSCANDAL #RoyalBabyFraud


46 thoughts on “Harry's cycling around Hollywood hills with a surfboard on his back, looking for waves?

  1. 💘🎭IN CASE WE MISSED IT, if ever there was validation of narcissistic disney evil queen affinity, it's called 🍎 MEGHAN'S MIRROR 😂 🐝🃏 from SNOW WHITE!

    Remember that Serena Snow White dress. Oooh, good thing Serena cut her off quick.

    MIRROR, MIRROR on the wall – who's the scariest, creepiest, cringiest of them all? Mirror on the vogue too. Right?

    And take note #MEggXitManeuver:
    Abdicate, poison-apple everything, crash, burn, self-destruct every 10secs.

    #MrMrsFraudmore #ShushExes #ByeClowneys #GrannyNanny #SharklesLaundromat #MegaMAD#InstaSCAM #InstaSCRAM

  2. the Harkles are so desperate for attention…they're terrified of going into oblivion…

  3. I asked the exact same thing. Where are the pics of Harry riding a bike? BS. BTW Yankee I love your laugh. 😂😂

  4. I think it's just that older people don't have chemo so it seems cancer is a lot less harsh on them. Chemo is actually responsible for most of the awful symptoms we blame cancer for. People are never that bad till they get cancer treatment. It depends on the cancer weather its worth it or not I guess xx

  5. Antlersandwolves sounds like they might be native American. Just a guess. If so, they aren't white. Which is perfectly fine. Their comments were very well said.

  6. I'm confused… That's not Princess Beatrice's wedding outfit, she wore a vintage dress belonging to the Queen and looked beautiful and classy. Made megain's huge taxpayers wedding look even more ridiculous! Love the 'ginger whinger' tho!!! 🤣🤣😕

  7. Pancreatic cancer is a fast moving, very difficult disease to cure. There is less that a 30%chance of being cured from it even with vigorous treatment. For 80-90% of people who get it, they are dead within a year, most within 6 months. The older you are, the more difficult it is to cure and the more debilitating it is on the body. On top of that, the chemo, radiation and proton therapy (if proton therapy is even an option) debilitates the body even more. I'm truly sorry to hear that Prince Phillip has cancer. His death will be a loss to Great Britain and, I'm sure, devastating for the Queen. This is an extremely painful disease as well. Being older when you get cancer just means you have a greater chance of dying from it.

  8. Harry biking without security all the money and fear Rachel says …… BS con artists lairs just *£¥§~……..

  9. The words are “TID-BITS “……
    NOT “ TIT-BITS “……

    ( JUST SAYIN’) …..

  10. I'm not sure I'd take Lady C's diagnosis of Philip that seriously. She's gotten other stuff wrong.

  11. Yanky the photo you are referring to is old, it was last year. Princess Beatrice wore the Queen's dress and tiara for her wedding. As for old Meghan's birthday, why would they ring bells for a non Royal? Anyway, what birthday are you referring to? Her 39th, or 44th? She is a phoney.

  12. I don't know about Hapless Harry looking for waves, he would be better employed looking for his brain, which he lost when he hooked up with fraudster Meg.

  13. We in America would not ring a bell for Ms. Markels birthday either. No snub to us Wally, bc your spot on!

  14. How on earth could someone know for sure they observed jh any bloke with a helmet and ginger beard could be jh. I call bs

  15. I bet Meghan is kicking her self she didnot know about the wedding she couldnot ruin it mom fans are saying the wedding was one day but the one was so right and mm has loads of days which are so wrong

  16. Oh dear you really got it wrong on Beatrice’s wedding outfit. She actually wore a lovely gown that was borrowed from the Queen. Don’t jump to conclusions lol and I think he loves her as much as she loves him, why horrible and negative? 🙄🙄 I’ve just realised you’re quite a bitter little woman with a venomous tongue, sad. I don’t like MM but you were horrible about Bea too, as I said dripping with bitterness and venom.

  17. The Harkles are a joke ..Harry’s hips , Meghan and her gawd awful feet …and they are both as ugly as the sins they committed

  18. Beatrice wore a white dress the Queen gifted to her. An absolutely beautiful dress she added sleeves to and wore the same tiara Queen Elizabeth wore when she married Phillip. Hope you have seen photos by now.
    The bit about Harry and the surfboard is a load of crap.

  19. Princess Beatrice looked so lovely, wearing the Queens gorgeous gown and her spectacular tiara which the Queen and The Princess Royal also wore on their wedding days.
    Suck it Meghan.

  20. Meghan Markle didn't have a carpet…blue or otherwise. She walked on the bare floor.

  21. And if Harry is biking without protection, why are British tax payers paying for no protection. The British taxpayers are paying.

  22. Funny, H and M were photographed getting into a gas guzzling Cadillac Escalade with a black man opening the car door for her. Hypocritical eco-warrior BLM supporters.

  23. I don't believe the surf boy PR . I think there is something doggy about the money situation & travelist ❤️🧡💙🖤💛💚💜 . Why are reporters not looking into this ?

  24. Harry's share of the Diana Foundation is going right into Meghan's pocket. If you disagree then the authorities need to closely watch their "charities." I am convinced she has gone into the "charity" business because stealing is easier than working.

  25. Can I ask how long Markle is going to be 38 ? It feels like years .they said she MET Harry at 38

  26. Oh dear, is Harry about to turn into a beach bum ? That's exactly what he was in the UK. A typical bum.

  27. I believe that 78 Cannon Street (aka Cannon Place) is now built, and that the Google image was out of date. It has both full office suites available for long term leasing and short-term hot desks/serviced offices available. I bet they've rented a private serviced office for 1 person for £630 pcm, trying to bs everyone they're successful enough to have a huge central London office!

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