Word on the street is that Meghan’s been blackballed in Hollywood!

And what on earth is going on with their latest PR/Zoom call?

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45 thoughts on “Has Meghan Been Blackballed by Hollywood?

  1. She proved it in Suits???? Hollywood worked hard for their status??? All the stars watching and condoning abuse for decades…. blah blah blah….Harry and Meghan say Archie has red hair… duh…

  2. Disney's film about Elephants was panned because of to narration of Me, its close them millions in revenue. Tinseltown won't use her because she's a z lister actress, if they did use her it would cost them and they would also loose out at the box office

  3. U could just crash the meeting,
    U needed a CODE 2 PUNCH IN

  4. If Prince Harry (Duke of Sussex) allows her to publish such petty against-his-family book, that will be the end of me still liking him. I think that by now he’s already regretting marrying her

  5. Oh so sick of this pair, legends in their own minds, go Lady C can't wait for your book.

  6. I find most therapists are mad so they wouldnt be the first mad people giving advice…

  7. I have a book title for Me-Gain, "From Duchess to Douche Bag, how to make the world despise you". It's accurate and the only thing she actually was successful at, haaa haaa

  8. I read somewhere they pay a quarter million dollars a month rent for the villa. What do you think?Why do they live in huge mansions when they can easily buy a house ?My guess is they benfit from an impermenant address..no bills. No taxes.

  9. Well put.I think we all have a Megain in the family …except the royals got rid of theirs.
    I agree with you 1000%about the royal.
    The middle ages are over!

  10. “Who takes mental advice from these two?”.., that about says it all!!!

  11. What a trash heap just Harry landed in. He should start thinking w his brain instead of the head between his legs

  12. She better have proof that will stand up in court, unlike her "muh fweelwings" court case. If not she will never earn a penny, never own anything, etc. because every cent she makes for the rest of her life will be going to pay lawyers and the RF. More importantly before that book is published ALL the videos of her salad tossing days as a yacht girl will be all over the internet along with some very juicy stories. Call her Fukushima because she'll be the biggest nuclear meltdown — big implosion and so radioactivly toxic no one will want to be within 500 miles of her.

    She'll realize too late that, in the end all you have is family. Unfortunately for her she has driven them all away. If she thinks Doris will stick around after the money dries up she's a fool. I suspect she'll probably end up turning tricks for meth and eating out of dumpsters on Skid Row.

  13. She may not get to the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys etc but she could be the star of the Golden Raspberry Awards.

  14. I was wondering why Buckingham Palace haven’t put the brakes on all this NutMeg carry on, but if you think about it, they are letting out her leash bit by bit until she “hangs herself”
    …they don’t want her back in the fold and this way they don’t have to take the blame when it all hits the fan! I think they did the same with Edward and Wallace Simpson…they didn’t want him there, so just give him enough rope and see what happens…it worked!

  15. All the staff members MM fired should bring out a tell all, as should anyone else who knows the real MM and who we the public are seeing with our own eyes….. a self centered, egotistical, mean, and narcissistic individual. Now THAT is a book I would most definitely read.

  16. She got the Disney gig while still in the royal family. They are toxic now, too much personal baggage, too polarizing to the public. If she was a lead actress before, she might be forgiven in the future after a "time out"; but she's coming from a position of no power so has no leverage. No, Hollywood roles, voiceovers, etc are closed doors now, not reopening.

  17. 00:00

    According to Matthew

    7 “Stop judging+ that you may not be judged;+2 for with the judgment you are judging, you will be judged,+ and with the measure that you are measuring out, they will measure out to you.+ 3 Why, then, do you look at the straw in your brother’s eye but do not notice the rafter in your own eye

    be careful with judgments, if people are happy, give them luck too, if you can do better, set a good example, if you can't set a good example yourself, stop judging.

    we are all imperfect, and make many mistakes, but we can all learn from our mistakes. give each other a good example, in speaking, in behavior, we all do our best, keep doing your best.

    May God bless you🙏

  18. Most sane people won't be taking a blind bit of notice of what she says or does, and everybody is getting so fed up with both of them. Harry Markle and his wife aren't that important or newsworthy.

  19. Don't forget the actor she bumped out of the way to narrate the elephant movie. Not sure if it was Streep or not but if it WAS then her career is definitely over 😂

  20. Although she was only in the family for a short time, pillow talk can reveal the deepest secrets. I believe that anything that Harry knows, she now knows. Harry would know it all. He appears to be emotionally weak and it wouldn’t take much for her to push the right buttons for her to gain his trust. She would have been his greatest confidante. I can only imagine the information that she is privy to through her husband.

  21. Because they are mental cases themselves or did they pay in order to get an entrance

  22. Being a royal one should never marry a divorced American actress.hes just her ginger chihuahua that won't fit in her handbag.they need to find a place in the jungle,settle down and shut up.

  23. Please, that the secrets of the palace are going to tell the economic or diplomatic security measure, the queen does not discuss them at dinner, (hahaha).
    It will be a gossip from the palace staff. Diana could not at least say that I try to adapt to the FR
    I'm surprised that one of Tyler Perry's neighbors is Sir Elton Jones, Diana's great friend. Now Oprha had to move her ring for Perry to put the house on, weird wasn't it? I don't see that the support is that he doesn't share his charity ''
    On the titles if they keep them or not, I think the important thing is if they continue to be financed by the crown or by Prince Charles is the same.The most unbearable even for a fantasy industry like Holywood, is the critical moment that the world lives and that it is obvious that she only thinks of standing out at any cost

  24. With her sense of reality, and everyone knows how delusional her mindset is, it would have to be sold as fiction.

  25. I have just realized that, if MM thinks she is Diana 2, her book will probably be against Charles. Diana wanted to stop Charles from being King. Perhaps MM wants to continue that vendetta. I believe she did her Jezebel act on him, as she does with most men (if not all). She covets the throne and punishes Kate because she can/t have William, but would possibly have tried to displace Camilla, who is nearer than Kate to the throne.

  26. Anyone who is not a mental health professional has no business dispensing device. Even people who volunteer on crisis lines get special training. For these two yokels to start handing out mental health advice it is not only grossly stupid but dangerous !!! Those in a fragile state need real help !! The term "gross negligence" comes to mind.

  27. She is full of jealousy towards kate that i really think she sees it as a competition.

  28. Sometimes, even I don't like my family.
    But, IF my lover had kept a diary since day one of meeting my family, I'd be suspicious of their motives for being with me.
    Even a person with ONE BRAIN CELL can figure out that a lover keeping a diary on your family, likely already is keeping one ON YOU!
    IF Hurry is SMART, he'll start a journal on MyGain$–and an audio + video as well, to safeguard against any BLACKMAIL and LIES she might accuse Hurry of when he FINALLY wises up that she is all about $.
    IF MyGain$ kept a journal of Hurry's family, and IF she's smart, she may be keeping a journal, audio + video on Harry to use to force him to do as she pleases and to get the most out of an inevitable divorce settlement.
    The snake eats it tail:
    These two shall eventually fight so whatever evidence they've gathered upto that time, they'll use against each other. The smarter of the two, started recording the earliest. My MONEY is on MyGain$.


  30. Oh… and notice – they are wearing the SAME shirts as the Archie book club reading AND H's romp in the garden. So, same day for this 'appearance' too?
    They were very busy that day, weren't they?

  31. AT this point they should just contact CNN and ask to join the Town Hall with Greta Thunberg. CNN clearly doesn't care if their 'experts' are actually knowledgeable haha.

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