In 2013, our Editor in Chief travelled the world with Henry Golding for ‘Newsmakers’, a TV spin off our UNRESERVED’s monthly column – thank you Maybank, Mercedes and Malaysia Airlines for recognising his talent! Here are some funny outtakes, witness Henry a star in the making…

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Why Henry almost turned down the role for Crazy Rich Asians:


11 thoughts on “Henry Before Hollywood: Henry Golding's Early Days with UNRESERVED and 'Newsmakers'

  1. Proud of our very own Henry Golding… Not only good looking, but smart and such positive attitude👍👍👍

  2. kebayang gak seh kalau dude herlino speak with british accent…kayaknya dia gak kalah ganteng heheh

  3. Henry is not only good looking and charming; he has such positive vibes which make people feel good.

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