This COVID filled episode takes the guys to use the take-out option at this ALL VEGAN restaurant called Doomie’s. And next to it is their take on vegan Mexican cuisine called Doomie’s Next Mex. Trust me, vegan or not, this is a place you need to try because whatever you like they do a vegan version of it and it’s to the tier. Enjoy.


Executive Producer – B-Real
@Cypress Hill

Host – E-Zone

Co-host – DJ C-Minus

Camera & Edit – Ray Salazar

Sound Editing – Aaron “A-Ron” Diaz

Intro Production – Jud Magers

Music – Bass Money Beats

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37 thoughts on “High & Hungry [Doomie's Home Cookin'(Hollywood)]

  1. Church’s chicken should be reviewed or roscoes chicken and waffles ?

  2. Interesting the dynamic of positive energy.
    So, I noticed there was another homie before his homie in glasses started officially co starring
    This homie just has much better energy overall.
    Now, obv I don't know the details and why the other homie isn't on this platform anymore, ain't none of my bitness anyway.
    Just notice the difference.

  3. Whats that bong called and who makes it someone please help a link would be great…..

  4. almost all you eat in these food reviews is some plastic, deep Fried Burger/ Sandwich and Fries know the food you would get at a kids birthday about trying some real cooked meals? getting stomach ache just by looking lol

  5. When you have to trick yourself to think you're eating something else than what it is.

  6. I'm high!!! And Hungry!!!I call it spit-up when you burp the baby….lol.

  7. When you bite into the chicken I was drooling lmaoo food always looks 🔥🌬💚

  8. Ive been meaning to try doomies but got sick, soon as I feel better Imma go try it out!

  9. McDonalds fries are usually cooked in beef fat or some shit like that. But most places are vegan fries.

  10. I need to order myself a candle 🕯. Thanks for keeping the videos coming during these trying times🔥. Gleee

  11. Where can I get a rig like that guys by the way nice vid sik bong I really want one what’s it called

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