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Joseph Curl from The Daily Wire reports, The American Museum of Natural History announced that it’s moving its famed statue of Teddy Roosevelt inside the museum. One Hollywood actor thinks he has the perfect replacement, and it will still be Teddy Roosevelt (sort of).

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45 thoughts on “Hollywood Actor Offers Suggestion for Replacing Statue of Teddy Roosevelt

  1. Dumbass suggestion. Actors should do what they are paid to do, IMO. and keep quiet otherwise.

  2. Ngl I can't be mad with this suggestion but at the same time it really shouldn't change nor be taken down

  3. That's pure bs. The statue of Roosevelt should not be replaced by anything! Replacing it by anything would be given in to bullies and thugs.

  4. I don’t know because that’s history and these people want to ruin history and bunch of stupid assholes

  5. 🤦‍♀️ wow. Just wow. Please please will parents of these idiot celebrities make their kids shut up. I would be so embarrassed if they was my kids.

  6. With these statues removed there will be plenty of room for statues honoring Donald Trump!

  7. People need to ID those that tear down statues and bust their homes and pay them all back!!

  8. A statue of RW outside the museum would be an unfitting reminder of the strange goings on in Hollywood. This is totally not a good idea.

  9. What a STUPID idea. Williams was great and all, but he is no Theodore Roosevelt. His role was a comedic mockery (albeit harmless) of an tremendous leader: A Nobel Prize winner with a photographic memory who wrote over 40 books, countless articles and is even today known as America's top field naturalist. That's why the statue in front of Ms Futter's museum. He almost doubled the number of national parks, ended the Russo-Japanese war, busted the monopolies and built our military into a worldwide force, while walking softly. It's like replacing the Mona Lisa with a portrait of Lily Munster. Long and short, there is no better figure in the front of that museum than the one who is there. I hope Ellen doesn't take Ben's idea seriously. Robin Williams does NOT deserve that spot. TR does.

  10. This is bullshit.
    Teddy Roosevelt was the Quintessential American. Moving it, taking it down, is destroying out history.
    Stiller is full of it.

  11. Thay will be put back and mf demtards and libtards are going to jail its comeing blm and antifa are done wipe out for good

  12. I'm so sick of these losers bickering and then buckling to the mob of a couple thousand people what about the millions that know what the truth is. You allow these ignorant drop outs to keep rewriting our history it's bound to repeat itself

  13. Every single Monument should be put back built Three Times Higher and five times bigger

  14. You learn from history so you don't repeat the mistakes that were made in the past. If you don't know about all history whats going to help you avoid the mistakes. Example: COMMUNISM/MARXISM and the over 100 million plus deaths due to communism / Marxism whatever you want to call it

  15. Ben Stiller, sarcasm at its finest. The point is, Theodore Roosevelt is still Theodore Roosevelt, people, no matter who portrays him whether it's in a movie or on a statue. Ya' kinda missed the point on this one Mr. Franchee.

  16. The only time I would be okay with any statue coming down is if it is replaced with robin williams. Otherwise, no dice. We can put robin williams dressed in all different outfits all over the country. Put one in my front yard. I miss that dude so much

  17. Instead of teddy we will have Ready, if i say I don’t like Reds will i be a racist. If so bring it on.

  18. Just pull your head from where the sun don't shine unless your actor Thanos and go butt burning to get more nutrients lol idiots

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