I had no light on my camera do you see what i see a enery blue light check it out


13 thoughts on “hollywood beach resort haunted hallway

  1. Oh pleezzz no I live on the beach and worked on the restaurant outside in the alley. Only noises are the crackheads running around and sleeping in the halls. Hahhhaaaa. Oh and also the rats full force at 2am. Watch out for the roaches.

  2. at 3:35 i see something disappear in the middle of the screen then goes towards the left as you get closer

  3. A time 3:12 as you turn the corner there is something/someone at the end of the hall. At time 3:35 it takes off to the left of the hallway. You did catch something on tape. 👻👻

  4. I lived there for 6 months. Never once saw or heard anything creepy. Ever since "The Shining"…..

  5. I was over there for one night. It is haunted. Elevator door opened up on the 6th floor for several minutes. It did not close until I walked directly in front of it. I told my friend to tell maintenance the next day and the maintenance crew said the elevator was out of service when I was walking in the corridors. BS

  6. Listen someone we know stayed her they said let's use elevator ever elevator on that floor opened O_O

  7. The business office on 2nd floor #202 was where they stored dead bodies during WWII. That room was also a room where many smothered prostitutes were placed. Al Capone's wackos killed the prostitutes along with a number of other wackos from the 1930's. I found it difficult to breathe around that second level. The entire place inside and out felt creepy.

  8. I worked as a security guard there for three years. The place is very creepy. I walked places you've never been able to go to and experienced a lot of strange things. You saw the fountain in lobby? A woman was crying there and myself along with a co-worker investigated it. The crying continued as we stood right there with no one else around. We could hear a woman loudly crying her heart out while the water was pouring. I've seen shadows, heard many voices too. ALWAYS felt like someone was watching me. One time a woman called me at the security desk in the lobby claiming someone is knocking on her door. The camera at my desk showed no one on that floor.

  9. Water bottle crackling could mean pressure was escaping the bottle, even if sealed. Was the water bottle full or half full or empty? I have experienced this myself with plastic containers. Just a thought. =o)

  10. What's with the tinting quality of the video? Is that supposed to be the ghosts doing that, or is it just bad video quality?

  11. there was more to this that night my water bottle that was plastic was making noise like some one was holding it and i woke up still hearing the noise and so did my boyfriend he said what is going on

  12. I will tell you if you look this hotel up they have talked about the ghost in the hollywood beach resort the stories i heard were amazing , even our water bottle in the mid of the night was making noise like someone holding it and squeeze it ,

  13. It is not a ghost it could be a your video camera responding to the hallway lights because they are shining down…it has appeared on some pictures i have tooken when i was in a hotel one day

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