Johnny Depp is out here trying to defend his good name and hollywood shills are trying to go after him for doing that. What do you think that might be?

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44 thoughts on “Hollywood BEGS Johnny Depp To Drop Suit On Amber Heard

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  2. well lets be honest… u dont go fuck around with ppl then just let it go ffs… first justice must be done… then a fucking apologize … did hollywood tried to stop amber doing all those shit? and believe him? no it didnt …why would be accept the drop suit on amber now? kinda stupid…. well maybe johnny still love her… and dont really wanna ruin her life…so he may drop… who knows… respect to our captain sparrow.

  3. Isn’t it crazy that all of his ex wife’s have nothing bad to say about him and they have seen no abuse of any from him at all. Then Amber appears. She is the devil and I support johnny. If amber wins this we boycott and if she gets the part in aqua man 2 no one should see it

  4. It’s almost as if they haven’t ever been wrong before…
    (Cough) Covington kids (cough)

  5. The writer of this article, Eriq Gardner, is a complete douche nozzle. He’s obsessed with Johnny’s US lawyer, and defends Amber like he’s getting paid to do it. He is beyond biased and not worth listening to.

  6. If this was reversed it would be a totally different story lmao, he should keep pushing.

  7. For those outside of the UK, The Sun newspaper should only be used for wiping your ass and nothing else, god awful newspaper.

  8. It’s also justice for men who don’t have the money to pay for this vindication, it could help make fighting for oneself easier because of brave hearts like JD, so he’s doing it for all men ✊🏽

  9. Everyone deserves to have their name n legacy be correctly known. If someone deliberately tries to ruin your reputation in a malicious manner they need to held accountable. The media has a responsible to accurately n impartiality report noise n not take sides. The original reporter n publication needs to pay for defamation to his character, loss of income n additional emotional distress it has cost

  10. Hollywood has less than no business saying or even begging anything from Johnny Depp. Would they beg a female to drop everything against her male abuser? The shit is gross and I am sick of it.

  11. The author of this article is a JOKE!!! Eriq Gardner has been doing everything he can to try to undermine Johnny’s lawyer, Adam Waldman. Adam got a he better if you his guy somewhere in the past, and Eriq is using his prejudice to try to smear Johnny Depp, who is a survivor of domestic violence. Seriously go to Adams twitter feed (@adam_waldman) and read some of the exchanges between these two!!! Adam dunks Eriq every time, it’s no wonder he’s writing these hit pieces on Depp & his lawyers.

  12. Depp has slim chances of winning vs The Sun but his Barrister likely knows this. This is can be used as a play by Depp to display the level of Damages done to him by Amber Heard as he may be considered a public figure for the Depp Vs Heard case to come and to cut off any chance of her trying to lie/mitigate her involvement with the damage done by the articles that printed following the Sun running it's mouth as she is/was being called into court to provide swarn statements that what she said was what The Sun printed. When Depp wins his case VS Heard it will place the Sun in a deep grave for printing and refusing to offer retractions of the unconfirmed statements resulting a Journalistic malpractice that Depp can then take The Sun back to court over or force Retractions and settlements for.

  13. Or she could go to jail for false allegations, slander or libel. Any punishment would be sufficient. But we all know women hate responsibility for their actions. I couldn't care less about The Sun. Punish the abuser.

  14. I don’t think depp should drop the suit cause we all meaning “men” know that if the roles were reversed an heard had the upper hand she would destroy depps career. Or any woman would destroy the mans career which is sad honestly, that we live in a day of age when this crap is allowed.

  15. A female version of Pirates of the Caribbean hasn't Hollywood learn their lesson.
    Once you go woke you go broke.
    Hey Disney remember the Three Star Wars movies🤦‍♂️🤢🤮.
    Remember Ocean's 11 female. version.
    The new Ghostbusters movie.
    The new Charlie's Angels.
    When are they going to learn, they do not work.
    And the only reason Captain Marvel had any good go for it was because it was part of the Marvel Universe next in line to Infinity War and Marvel's endgame and fans of the Marvel World wanted to see if there is any Easter eggs to the upcoming movies at the time.

  16. Of course they are, they dont want to look bad in front of the world
    They wanna keep their illusions of being utopia

    I cant see Johnny doing that to a dog

  17. I hope Tim Burton already is having plans for another blockbuster casting Johnny 🙌

  18. if someone stabs you, then there is no point in getting them in any legal trouble because its not going to heal the stab wound

  19. I always respect people that side with me, Johnny should win, and your videos are entertaining. You earned my subscription.

  20. Regarding that dog, seems if I got my info right that the dog he threatened to "throw out of window" and "microwave" was one of the dogs he took with him to Australia during the shooting of PotC, you know, the one he got in trouble with the Australian government for bringing the dogs with him to Australia because of their law in importing animals. If I remember correctly, he referred to both dogs are "his children" despite one of them was actually owned by Amber Heard. Now, here´s my question. Why would he take the dog with him to Australia if he hated it so much he threatened to microwave it?

  21. In this episode:
    Legal/PR advice for Johnny Depp from a man with no experience in either law or pr

  22. Amber Heard is a cluster B type Personality which NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, is part of that cluster. There is one major aspect of this personality type, they are pathological liars, half truth tellers, and very good manipulators using both of these. If you have never personally been involved with a real person who actually has NPD, since Narcissist term gets thrown out too often, I can't describe how good they are at weaving a web of lies together to make it sound like the truth even going so far as to faking a thing further when caught in a lie. Case in point, the Ex Narc I was involved was caught in lie saying she was in X state with someone, while Facebook Location in messenger which actually showed accurate pinpoint location on the map said she was actually at home. She then used another app which we both were friends on to mark herself at that actual location that she said she was at in the first place. This is also how Gaslighting eventually works out, this manipulation of information, making you starting to question your own memory of events and doubting yourself.
    You can never trust what a Narcissist is saying is actually ever the truth.

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