Hollywood and the film industry is going though a hard time at the moment. Will it ever be the same?

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  1. Hollywood was already being killed in there profits by all these woke/sjw movies. Kathleen Kennedy Jar jar Abrams Star Wars. Alex kurtzman Star Trek. Terminator Ghostbusters Bri Larson Captain marvel/New woke Mcu. There more but the Virus just speeded the money lose up.

  2. The only thing that they are going to force is people not watching this trash or people sailing the high seas. Either way, Hollywood dies. GOOD.

  3. Hollywood going down way before this mass they brought on them self there went on sinking Boat when there became Woke

  4. Crushing Trump's raging economy doesn't sound like such a good idea now eh brainiacs

  5. Rise of Skywalker making a billion is pretty amazing in itself. When you realize they had half as many theaters showing the film than Last Jedi.

  6. I think cinemas will dissapear for good. Here in Norway it's insanly expensive to go to the cinema. For a family tickets + candy will be like 100 dollars. Thats too much for a family. Personally i hate cinemas. Too loud, bad sound, people talking in cellphones, rude people. No thx.

  7. Aww, poor woke Hollywood is collapsing. Couldn't happen to a nicer pack of morons.

  8. good they need to lose some money maybe they can go bankrupt and get some people that aren't pushing left wing politics

  9. The bigwig Hollywood movie executives need to to stop snorting so much cocaine as that shit is dulling their brains.
    How exactly do they think that most hard working people ( excluding them of course)are going to pay $20 to rent the latest made for cinema film releases on their streaming channels??.
    Sorry to burst your bubble here Hollyweird but in case you haven't realised yet the world is in the grip of a global pandemic so your single minded focus on greed and obscene profits is way way down our list of priorities.🤔😂🤯😱🤢🤮🤬🍺🖕

  10. I still didn't see Rise of Skywalker, even tho it is avialable on torrents and other platforms I am not gonna even pirate it. I am not even curious.

  11. Interesting, but obvious! Lol
    Cinemas are being told to close. So, we will see $0 sales days very soon.

  12. Frankly I hope this breaks up the big shots and give us a bigger variety of smaller studios.

  13. I wouldn't say that traditional forms of entertainment are no longer available. You can still read books.

  14. And the sky is blue. If it wasn't obvious to millenials that covid 19 was going to be a huge hurdle in life (indirectly toward movie biz, directly to human health and safety), then let me sell a certain plot of land that I know that will be lucrative for you all to buy. Just wonder if covid 19 took out the internet…. Young people would go ballistic. It's time to read more books than debate about SJWs, the downfall of Star Wars, and what phase 4 will be like. Jesus…

  15. I wont pay 20 for a movie. They can fucking rot in a shit hole before I pay that.

  16. Hollywood in the future: We're open again, come check out all these awesome movies we made.
    Audience: Already streamed it.

    Theater owners will be ones suffering, sure they overcharge us for popcorn and snacks and stuff, but there is increasingly no reason to get out the house and go, with or without CV19. Crap movies delivering a crap experience. The community of emotion we once felt in a crowded cinema is all but gone.

  17. All streaming and holly wood IPs should be free for the duration of our gov'ts forcing us to stay home. It's the only way we'd watch most of their shite anyways. Like CNN in airports, with captive audiences (btw, ratings WAY down…wonder why…) Cuomo said MONTHS not weeks, i.e., 4 months, …, 9 months, he doesn't know. You think my feral humans here in NYC won't lose their shite before 4 months? I do.

  18. Wouldn't have anything to do with the crap they're putting out, just the virus.

  19. The only hope I have is they go back to old school type movies, where there is a solid plot/story, solid acting, with a nice mix of action to keep it moving like Gladiator, Titanic, etc. I am also sick of Marvel!!!!!

  20. Are you kidding me? The bailout packages will help these guys as well. They won't learn a god damn thing if they do get a bailout.

  21. All of Hollywood – absolutely all of them – can drop off into the sea and I wouldn't miss any one of them. Celebrities crying in their multimillion-dollar mansions – get bent!

  22. No, No, No, keep disney shut down for as long as we can! Keep their parks shut down! Keep their cruise ships and movies shut down! For as long as possible!

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