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The long, winding journey of a failed Hollywood opportunity. Or something. I mean seriously what was even the point

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48 thoughts on “Hollywood called me last year. Here’s how it fell apart.

  1. So they came, manipulated you with flattery, made you interrupt your life and work, put you on a pedestal just to knock you down and abandon you? They probably just wanted to squeeze some ideas out of you and nothing else. It's clear that they saw potential in you, they just didn't like the idea that they saw it ON you and that potential is better with THEM, or so they think. I wouldn't be surprised if something similar to your idea gets released by those bullies.

  2. he obviously still thinks hes gonna get that phone call cos hes shit scared of saying who it was. if it was me and theyd wasted my fkin time id just out them there and then.

  3. Have you verified these people actually work for a studio. I got scammed for a script/treatment that I spent over a year on only to find out these people weren’t legit

  4. Here’s my pitch:

    A movie about Sprouting Orchids.

    But the movie is about the making of the movie. It’s a movie, about you, making a movie. it’s the “I made a movie, it sucked” video, but as a movie.

    Austin, the stories you tell about going after your dreams capture the unspoken existential dread of being a twentysomething and the courage and heart that it takes two swallow your fear and break the mold. It’s the message that has kept me coming back to you. It speaks to that part of a young man’s heart that desires to be more.

    Title: “I Made A Movie.”

    Or don’t, because I’ll still watch literally anything else can you direct. Hang in there man. We’re all excited to see how high you fly.

  5. Just by the way he made this video, filming himself 2 different parts, made me dislike this guy, and than he cried. Such a biatch. Just do your thing, don't bitch about it. Rejection is part of life

  6. You have so much more opportunity than the old Hollywood system that is resistant to change. Keep it going.

  7. Austin, I got more out of this video, about the struggle to succeed, about the emotional toll that it exacts and ultimately about the seemingly bottomless wellspring of hope that filmmakers have to have to survive this path than I have in the entire time I've been in this business. You have no one to apologize to, Brother. As the Mandalorian would tell you, "This is the way." I just completed a short film passion project that took me over 9 years to finish to be my calling card to get me my dream job and here I sit… and Hollywood ain't callin'. The struggle is real but I'm told persistence is the key to success. Keep fighting the good fight and don't give up.

  8. As someone who's in the industry, I can assure you that most likely you bombed in the room. I'm gonna be super honest, experience isn't that important. It's all about the chemistry. Video conference one or twice is okay but if it keeps dragging on and contracts over mail is being discussed then it turns into a red flag. It means they're not so sure about you. They usually fly you out to LA if they fall in love with you or at least tell you to come to LA.

    Your biggest mistake was not having your projects ready. You don't know when the opportunity will knock on your door and if you had those projects polished and ready to go, you could be having a completely different future right now. If you want to be a film-maker and be taken seriously, you must have at least two scripts in your pocket polished, ready to go. Not a treatment or a few pages. I can guarantee you, saying "I have written a treatment, five pages are down etc." is a huge buzz kill.

  9. This frustrating story reminds me how I wanted to write a novel about a small dream study experiment gone wrong (using AI to collect data from people's dreams and then predict future based on the information, and accidentally discovering that their very experimental dream booster device corrupted reality itself and erased someone from existence, so that only one person remembers and now has to navigate both reality and dreams to get the erased person back; also maybe adding some romantic touches and conflicts). That was before Inception was a thing. I wrote first chapters and then I couldn't find enough time and gave up. Still not sure, if the idea is any good.

  10. This was months ago so take it with a grain of salt. You learned tons!! It wasn’t a waste of time. The 10,000 hour rule includes getting sidetracked or trying crazy things. If the costumes or glasses didn’t work for Elton John im sure he would try something else. Haha. Just do your best to be you and if another studio comes around follow your gut. At least you have the experience to discern whether you want to do it or not.
    It hurt to see you so down. Just look at the positive. You learned what not do to and you learn what to do. Dust off your knees, come back stronger and we will stick around to “drink the koolaid” your serving up haha.

  11. Fast forward a month later and Hollywood struggles to be at least skype relevant, while projects are being delayed and cinemas get shut down, while content creators continue making stuff. I'm not resentful but sometimes you gotta enjoy the karma.

  12. My hard-drive died hard in December, taking gazillions of bookmarks with it. I tend to forget to "Subscribe" when I come across a video I enjoy watching. That was a mistake. I've been slowly rediscovering channels and subscribing to ensure I keep them. I suddenly recalled you, but the exact name escaped me. I had to fall all the way back in my memory to the very first video of yours I saw: "How Diverging Diamonds Keep You From Dying" which of course I couldn't remember the title to ("gazillions of bookmarks") but I found it as the fourth hit searching for "Austin roundabout." The moment I saw the thumbnail for the diverging diamond, I knew immediately I found the channel again and subscribed immediately. I've always enjoyed your videos and your style, and am grateful that you will continue to make them. It was hard to see you in tears because while I don't know you personally, we all know you on a Human level. We know what that pain can feel like, how bitter the taste. YouTubers who can show genuine pain, confusion, disappointment and manage to still upload that unfiltered show they care about and respect their viewers, subscribed or not. You're not here to BS anyone. You feel you let down your viewers because you didn't follow your own advice, but you didn't try to hide or bury that. You straight up admitted you felt that and apologized even though, let's be honest, totally not necessary. You fell into an opportunity you'd been hoping for only to have it ripped away. Oh noes, you're Human doing a very Human thing. Here's the flail, get to flogging. JennaMarbles is another example of openness. The vast majority of her content is pure goofy f*ckery, but she's had moments where she had to be mature and did so without reservation or hesitation. She'll recognized a problem and addressed it immediately and without insulting her viewers' intelligence. Viewers respect content makers that respect them. I don't watch JennaMarbles because she's pretty (I'm gay anyway) I watch because she entertains and talks level with her audience. I watch you because you also entertain (minus doing awful things to your hair and skin, a content phase I'm sure she and her family is glad she has mostly moved on from lol) but also inform on a wide range is disparate subjects. Neither of you BS me and both of you have earned my respect.

  13. I tripped over your website because I was looking at the postal carriers LLV and found you. I thought that video about the LLV was creative. I wish you had a little more inside information about the LLV and I wish that somebody had acted on the great ideas that you presented.

    But I had no idea who you actually were and what your channel was about. To be honest I didn't think about you at all, I was thinking about the llv. But then I saw a video of yours related to Harry Potter and the one about inkjet printers. I was impressed, but again didn't give it much thought. In fact I got sidetracked looking back at 8 Harry Potter movies, 7 Harry Potter books and videos by MovieFlame I forgot about you completely until this video popped up.

    I'm over 65, we have probably nothing in common, but I find your talent compelling.

    Watching this video is markedly different then the LLV and inkjet printer videos. I now have a little more insight into who you are and what motivates you.

    But I still don't understand, are you advocating for informed intelligent discourse and possibly informed change or just "smell the fart" critiques.

    I have some thoughts on the reverence we have for Harper Lee's to kill a mockingbird – which has outsold the Holy Bible. Can't say it's my all consuming passion, but or adoration of to kill a mockingbird is bizatte. anchored in total fraud… and you could bring my thoughts to life.

    In any event, keep going forward. Every experience adds to your wisdom and knowledge, it empowers you going forward, even though in the moment the experience may seem crippling.

  14. Hey Austin, how are you? This video is excellent. I've been sweet talked by production companies in the past on a few different projects, none of them ever went anywhere, like yourself it was dragged out and given the silent treatment, it sucks. So it's great to see you ploughing ahead and doing your own thing. I just found your channel, I get the feeling I'll be hanging around. Cheers.

  15. I feel like everyone would have done the same things you did if they were in the same situation. I just hope they don't steal your ideas

  16. If you said to them "Hey I got a huge opportunity so I"m going to have to pass on this one. Thx tho." They probably would have thrown money at your head and tried to give you a concussion so you wouldn't leave them.

  17. Tons of writers are deluded. I see people online asking professional writers to write down their amazing idea for free.

  18. Say no to Hollywood. Certainly keep any phone calls, brief and to the point. No "chit-chat". Meetings ought to have travel expenses paid for if they're remotely serious. They called you remember.
    Good going for your future.

  19. anyone have any guesses on what it was? i think its spiral from the book of saw… i dunno

  20. Wait they didn't even paid a consulting fee for months of work on pre-production even though that seven figure budget was and I quote "no big deal"? That's very odd and I would still insist on that.

  21. I could see Vince Gilligan stumbling across your channel and liking you and your approach. I bet y’all would work well together.

  22. Is Star Wars or Harry Potter isn't it? (I know you can't say, and probably won't even see it)

  23. Austin you are so spot on. 10 years ago I got out of being a location sound recordist as it’s just a complete sh&t fight for working for little money and empty promises. . Equipment is cheap and high quality (blackmagic) sound is easy to achieve to a high level. Good on you for following your own pathway

  24. I lost a contract for a major franchise (would be my first big break) and it stung a lot! They wouldn't even tell me what the project was during the interview process which is understandable, but my guess has since been confirmed by someone else in the industry. They emailed me a week before the project started saying they wouldn't need my involvement and to get more experience. For me, it made me realise that area of the industry just didn't suit me (the job all entailed didn't sound that enjoyable), and I've been able to stop fantasizing about it now. Sometimes the name and the kudos that comes with that can be very enticing, but the reality isn't always that glamourous or half the fun you would think it would be.

  25. I know how you feel. The experience will only make you better! You have a great channel, keep it up!

  26. Every time this guys videos pop up on my recommended page, its always super sad and depressed

  27. 17:30 nailed it. YouTuber here, just finished my degree in journalism. After my internship at a tv show I came to the same conclusion. Subbed, keep up the awesome work!

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