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37 thoughts on “Hollywood Celebrities Admit They Are a Bunch of Racists!

  1. Great! We had this racism shit solved, (proven by the fact Blazing Saddles exists), but these liberal numb-nuts with their millenial zombie hordes, have decided that they have no purpose in life, so now they go out to find some old issue that isn't a problem so they can tell everyone how relevant they are. Well, I have no clue who these people are except Jesse Pinkman, and he is only known for one role. Sad.

  2. Next up….. The video where they denounce the police. After being driven to the studio with their private security in tow. What a bunch of retards.

  3. When democrats take responsibility, it's evidently republicans fault. "We're sorry! Trump pay!"

  4. The movies nowadays are total crap. Full of all kinds of demented Shitt and not entertaining at all. Total Crap !

  5. I will never spend a penny on the movie industry again. I'm through with them. I hope the movie industry goes broke due to this Fascists act. We need them like we need China.

  6. All these celebrities are trying to do is wipe their slates clean. They are terrified of being cancelled when some old footage is unearthed from before they pretended to be woke. What a bunch of ridiculous, narcissistic twits they all are. I am sorry for my every unchecked moment when I actually paid with my hard earned money to see any form of entertainment in which these overpaid dolts appeared.

  7. 3:11 can someone tell them that they won't win an Oscar for their acting in those clips?

  8. ALL OF HOLLYWOOD should end up in a sink hole and descend to HELL. THINGS TO HATE IN 2020-ALL ASPECTS OF THE LEFT AND THEIR VIOLENCE….AND HOOEYWOOD especially…BOYCOTT HO'WOOD now.

  9. I stopped playing, 'make believe', when I was 10 years old. I also thought "celebrities" were cool people that cared about their audience. Ah yes, to be a child again. :/

  10. I might have believed them if,they had a tear running down a cheek,kind of like the old Indian pollution commercial from the sixties !

  11. The Fucking joke is the actors who think there important too every one on earth I stop going to the movies 15 years ago.

  12. F#ck tom hanks I always knew he wasn't acting when he played Forest Gump!like the rest of them over paid as#holes.

  13. If you're are taking responsibility, then go turn yourself in and do some prison time. Liars…..

  14. Is that true about joe taking the money? I would love to learn more about it. I know a few Joe fan I'd like to send the info too.

  15. Lol I know you've been molesting the camera girl you better put up your apology video.

  16. I like the dude who said he would no longer tolerate racism in his presence……….two things, one is what the hell is he going to do? And two, who was he tolerating racism from before all this?

  17. Tom has anybody seen the Real Tom Hanks. Will the Real Tom Hanks please stand up.

  18. Love the three piano chords they always play when these idiots make these Hollywood propaganda videos.

  19. Who they hell are they? Must be 3rd string actors or extras because the “A” list didn’t want to go on camera saying this garbage, they knew it was going to backfire and blow up in their faces. Hollyweird is a dumpster fire.

  20. So these are the people responsible for racism. I have no idea what goes on in these people's lives and they have no reflection on me.

  21. "I take responsibility "….. "please don't burn my house, my car, my career…."

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