A new PSA about fighting racism and acknowledging white privilege has some on social media irked.

In a video for the “I Take Responsibility” campaign, multiple high-profile white celebrities are featured taking “responsibility for turning the racist tide in America,” denouncing police brutality, and committing to learning more “about issues facing the black community.”

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33 thoughts on “Hollywood Celebs Pledge 'I Take Responsibility'?! | The Pascal Show

  1. They just need attention, its sad. They can't handle not having attention. These celebs are really sick.

  2. Don't agree with end necessarily, but you're right. Its cringeworthy to the extreme, why do they keep trying to make things worse and seek gain where none should be sought unless genuine. Its gotten so nuts.

  3. Most of these people couldn’t even take responsibility for their own marriages.

  4. The BLM protests have been rather violent across the U.S. which I utterly condemn. If however, they decided to do a protest in Hollywood…… well……

  5. Thank god, they didn't start singing. Why do they only use D grade celebrities.?

  6. I can't even imagine !! how weird it must be to watch that video as a Black person.

  7. It’s worse things they could have said -but it’s too cheesy and it’s too little too late

  8. If they had provided an honest and truly detailed reflective response rather than just an emotional feel-good appeal to their esteem, there could have been some impact. For example, I, like many whites, have long thought that racism is not an issue or very minimal. In reality, I have no true right or ability to make that judgement.

  9. These celebrities are as progressive as their fame status will allow them to be. Anything more and they’d be labeled too radical. They won’t say acab, or call for the abolition of the police and prison system. They will say “some cops are bad and racist jokes aren’t funny.” The absolute bare minimum to be seen as woke without addressing actual root causes of racism. Thanks I hate it

  10. These same people who read a damn script are the same ones who would call the cops if a black or brown person came to their house.

  11. You can relax now black people Kristen Bell took responsibility, you are now safe.

  12. Celebrities don't actually care. They just want to act like they care. Same as politicians, media members, etc etc. All disingenuous.

  13. Aaron Paul. Ugh. Lol when you called him an overactor. I'm slogging through The Path (hulu) and the whole time all he does is that same intense whisper-growl thing. It's f*cking annoying but also hilarious!

  14. “Your gonna have to sit thru this.” Lmao This is unreal, what a time to be alive

  15. You know in those Sci Fi movies where they bad guys own all the tech, and they have all those weird ads. This reminds me of that XD example the island. They could really do that to people , as in north korea they already have such a system.
    Real talk however you cannot take responsibility for the action of others. If a white guy commits a crime just cause your white you can't take responsibliity for that man's action same for any other race. I cannot take responsibility and drop to my knee's cause someone who is colored committed a murder. You can't come beat me and call all colors of the killer as murderers. If you want to blame a collective you will never have peace nor change. If you can blame all cops, then next you can blame all ppl my color for crime, it just never ends.

  16. Words – Action = Zero.

    These sell-ebrities SHOULD stand against a wall and get smashed in their faces with a hammer.

  17. This horrible scripted crap is actually bringing ppl together. Were all making fun of these idiots 😂

  18. Who takes responsibility for the actions of complete strangers? No one. That’s insane.

    If you think people with $10M mansions and hypercars support a socialist agenda, you’re an idiot. They’re reciting lines to maintain familiarity, as is their entire career. Wake up!

    Funny how there were only actors in this PSA who had something to gain by being in it.

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