Hollywood CHINA Censorship Gets An Ultimatum

Texas Senator Ted Cruz Announces Bill To Halt U.S. Funding For Hollywood Studios That Bow To China

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40 thoughts on “Hollywood CHINA Censorship Gets An Ultimatum

  1. I enjoyed The Meg, but I didn’t like how much they veered from the book. Then I realized that all of the Japanese characters were changed to Chinese because China funded it. Still annoying though.

  2. Hm.. very interesting. Even more so that this is legitimately the first time I've ever heard someone talk about racism and negative aspects of china.
    I live in Holland and there's not much discussion surrounding their country for some reason.. or I guess I'm out of the loop or something.

  3. I would like to see new American Film makers emerge to make Films specifically for the West. I don't like films that are made for China, like the Michael Bay movies such as The Transformers and Armegedon. George Lucas , Robert Zemeckis , Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppala to name a few made great American movies. I think we should keep the films separate from China and other asian countries because we want our own films and our own culture and identity. Im not saying Chinese and Japenese films are bad. A lot of them are great. We don't want China dictating what movies we should be watching and getting indoctornated. We want creativity and entertainment and unvarnished and not molested.

  4. How is it at war machine was not in the avengers movie answer that question

  5. Uff, I know I'll get a lot of flack for saying this… While I absolutely agree that a bill like this would be good, when you said that china is corrupt and acting idiotic (and blind to it's surroundings)… the US isn't exactly an example of the opposite either. Stuff that goes on in the US regularly is just seems to be taken straight out of a bad parody, with things like (Hollywood) cults, incompetent politicians saying and doing idiotic things, people split between agenda wars, aggressive patriotism and so on. It's just my personal observation as an "outsider", as I'm neither american nor asian.

    also SJW's + HOLLYWOOD: "whatever you say china"

  7. How will anyone who is progressive be against this? Imagine it gay characters allowed to be gay without being censored! Are you against the gays hmmmm!?

  8. I agree Mr H. With what u have to say here. I’m from Texas and we like Ted Cruz except the illegals.

  9. As a native Texan I am very familiar with Ted and dislike a good 80% of what he is about politically but I am 100% behind him on this one issue.

  10. Ted Cruz should also announce a Bill to Halt the Giant Retailers such as Fucking google,amazon and walmart etc from using Sweatshops in China.

  11. To be fair, countries should be able to edit films locally to suit laws and sensibilities… this gets very tricky very quickly.

  12. Considering how much a bigger market China is than the US……. yeeeeeah they'll do the math and call Cruz's bluff.

  13. Ted Cruz is an all-star T-ball bunter. this was a stupid easy move and not very productive to boot. china is going to pay the price for this. Ted was only just smart enough to get in on the front end.

  14. this is by no means a decisive victory but its a step in the right direction

  15. (Only in regard to censorship of movies and games) Fuck China. Fuck. China. FUCK. CHINA. They don't wanna watch the US movies? They don't fucking have to. Zodiac Killer actually doing good work here.

  16. Ted cruz is a moron, nothing this prick or any repiglicons should be taken seriously,

  17. Why stop at just China ? There are other nations that censor entertainment for all kind of (silly/stupid/idiotic or any other) reasons. If they don't like the entertainment that is offered by the U.S. or anyone else, then just leave it and don't consume it, but let us have our free, independent, intellectual and/or creative entertainment freedoms.

  18. OK… Why in the Hell are any Hollywood studios even getting any kind of funding from the Federal Government?

  19. I LOVE China and the Chinese people/Culture.
    …just as much as I hate totalitarian, communist regimes, like the "people's" party of China.
    If someone I am giving money starts smack-talking me behind my back, I'll stop giving them money.
    Why should this be any different just because I am not handing my money directly to them, but via the state?

  20. Ted Cruz is a great politician and a stand up guy. A lot of people don’t like him though cause he’s Christian and a republican.

  21. About goddamn time one of our good Senators stood up for the United States against a bullshit Hollywood that wants to make movies for Communists rather than the good old American public!

  22. Changes because of so called progressive agendas and changes to appease ChyNa. No wonder most films are shit these days. Mind you, I am saving a lot of money by not buying shit games and piss poor films. Silver lining and all that.

  23. It's important to remember the CCP ARE NOT the people of CHina! The chinese people are victims!! (Although yes, many are brainwashed…) Having said that, I wouldn't be opposed to countries sending a task force to assassinate the CCP leaders… Sounds cruel, maybe… but one has to consider all the blood on their hands and especially how they treat their own citizens, how they've killed their own citizens (both through the virus and otherwise), harvested their organs, etc…

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