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This is the Wolverine statue from the HCG Marvel vs. Capcom 3 line of statues. It’s intended to be part of a set with Street Fighter II’s Ryu. Fortunately I was able to get him on his own. I present him here for your consideration.


21 thoughts on “Hollywood Collectibles Group Wolverine Statue Introduction

  1. This statue is hilarious to look at. It is over the top massive. The face is a little bit cartoony with his vampire fangs, but there is no denying how awesome the size is. You should display him with a Bowen Sized Hulk(1/6th scale) just to make it look like he is going to kick the Hulk's ass. Seen it sell for $500 on the Bay

  2. What the measurement of the statue?What i know is height 21",the rest i dont know of it,may be i'll get it soon once i see it in person coming this weekend.Thks for a great review for this piece.

  3. Wow he's massive I didn't think it would be that big ? Well worth the money they floating on eBay at 640 uk pounds for the pair of wolverine and ryu

  4. For those looking for this statue individually you can find it here specfictionshop. Good luck!

  5. Feel free to watch it as many times as you'd like 🙂 I'm sure you could find the statue on it's own. There's a dude on StatueForum that asked that he be private messaged if someone is looking for the statue on the HCG 1/3 Scale Wolverine thread. Check it out.

  6. 2nd time watching it . Still shocked I missed this one . Ugghhhhh
    You are the man great statue, I agree claws look good.
    Probably have to get the set. Lol

  7. I really hear you on getting hurt on metal claws! I have a 8th scale custom Logan statue with metal claws, i have sliced my hand open twice whilst bumping it on shelves!

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