Hollywood Court, located in Atlanta’s Westside-Zone 1- Hollywood Rd. It was torn down earlier this year. Rest in Peace.


24 thoughts on “Hollywood Court, Atlanta, Georgia

  1. omg My mother and granmother lived here, The nostalgia is coming back…

  2. I hated living there when I was a child. 1987-1991. But now it's just a bittersweet memory. I remember there were a cemetery across the street from the court. Ghost town now. 🎉🎊

  3. He was walking through 3rd court R.I.P 2 my Hood #HollywoodCourt….Rest In Peace 2 all the Bricks on the West Side….I miss my Hood a lot of life lessons was taught out there outsiders wouldn't understand….  

  4. The camera man sounds like a overweight piece of shit, if you're not going to talk cut the audio off that shit sounds gross

  5. Man i had a nice Connect that use to live here .. back in 06' 07' .. im a white boy too

  6. mannn potna i member i waz born here potna, i waz here till i waz 3-5 years old then me and the fam moved out. man i miss tht hood

  7. @BKamikaze Go through my videos and read at the comments…that should enlighten you. You will notice people enjoying seeing where they grew up, using the videos for educational purposes, and reminiscing on good/bad memories. Notice every negative comment will be from someone who is not from Atlanta, so if you don't like the videos don't watch them. I put these videos up for folks from Atlanta, I could care less what anyone else thinks. Thanks in advance.

  8. @terminuszone1 Ok well enlighten me?, Because I assumed that maby One was thrilled at how the "HOOD" was a good thing, and something actually worth missing, or caring about?

  9. @BKamikaze The real ignorance is your interpretation of these videos

  10. and some people think my videos are just Pathetic , but this take my # 1 spot on the subject of Ignorance!!! Poor under privileged, uneducated Idiots!!! and that's whats koo???l!! im from da hood yo where I live off wale-fare and food stamps n pimp ho's and slang dro!!! Ignorant people desire ignorance , as so do the wise desire wisdom

  11. @atl2maryland Yeah they were the main dope boyz in Bowen Homes back in the day. I think they put Shawty Lo in the game.

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