You just HATE to see it. It’s almost like hiring people based on race or orientation was/is a bad idea. Hire the best person for the job.

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44 thoughts on “Hollywood CRYING White Men Can't Get Jobs Anymore….

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  2. Know that this is being realized, hopefully people will see all prejudice is bad and something can be done to stop all this stuff.

  3. So they asked for this for years now all of a sudden when they get exactly what they wanted now they are upset because it doesn't benefit everyone what have we been trying to tell you idiots but now they are upset because they wanted there cake and to eat to well how did that work for you now idiots

  4. So hollywood think that making mocies for 13 percent of the population is gonna be profitable ?.Good luck with that.

  5. Just need a few more woke movies to bomb and hollywood will get rid of all this sjw bullshit and go back to making money.

  6. I hope Robert De niro gets the permanent axe first because all of his grand standing BS.

  7. What is worse than democracy where minority are oppressed?

    Democracy where majority are oppressed.

  8. Imagine becoming the very thing that disgusted you growing up… and then not even realize it. Just repeating history and swapping the races. Oof.

  9. The only way to fight this is: don't go see their movies, don't buy it on blu-ray, dvd or digital, and don't watch it on tv. Let them watch their millions go bye bye and then maybe this bullshit will stop!

  10. yeah its not "reverse racism". its just fucking racism. caucasian is a race. this fucking country is moving backwards quickly with social identity constructs and labeling- putting major weight on a persons skin color, gender, and sexual orientation above EVERYTHING. at this point in time, this shit should all be a non-factor in every asset in life. instead people are so shallow and judgmental. everyone's value is judged by the uncontrollable identity they were born with now. its anti-critical thinking, its regressive thought. its moving backwards as a society. we should be so far past this by now, we were past it in the 90s and now its taken center stage and is getting worse and worse.

  11. To a degree you do have race requirements in casting. You can’t have a black woman playing a German officer in a WW2 movie.

  12. They can be as “selective” with the crew and cast as they want to be, they can hire all of the “correct” writers and assign all of the “appropriate” producers, but they can’t force people to pay to watch their movies or sit down at home to watch their TV shows. Ultimately the system will right itself, the citizen still retains the power of the purse.

  13. Movie theaters are invested with mold and rodents.
    I used to work at one, so I know how disgusting these buildings are.
    I only watched one movie while working there.
    The seats are caked with moldy old butter, underneath the seats are full of nasty growing mold from spilled pop and rodents are everywhere because rodents just are a part of life in movie theaters! Sure traps are set around to try and quell the rodents but they always come back in more massive numbers. It is just the way nature is, with that being said…..

    Hollywood is now competing with our living rooms! What we watch determines what will make or break this industry. They will continue to make movies, but their number one marketing tool, "The Movie Theater" does not exist anymore.

    Be sure to smash the crap out of the like button so that you need to buy a new keyboard while doing it!


  14. And all it took was for BLM to really show their own racism.. Thank Nick Cannon, Don Lemon, and Jordan Peale, folks.

  15. So does this mean that eventually actors that are not white that did white face in the past will soon be canceled?
    It is ridiculous for me to ask this question, but I just did, didn't I….

  16. Shopping for and buying movies use to be one of my favorite things to do with my free time. I am now at the point that I am discusted by the faces of these sexist and racist activists who call themselves actors and actresses. They are over paid propaganda fascists that think they are better than me. I feel like I am disrespecting myself if I give my hard earned money to and fund these filthy rich hypocrits. I still look for entertainment but in recent years can no longer bring myself to pay a group of people who are more scandelous than anyone I have ever met. They have the nerve to point their filthy finger at me and preach to me about virtue. I am done with Hollywood, Disney, and the mainstream media

  17. Hollywood can go bankrupt, I don't give two shits about it. I haven't watched an original, interesting movie in years, all remakes, rewrites, white characters switched to black, straight to gay, men to women. Enough giving them money.

  18. What a bunch of dumb megatards. Are people really THIS STUPID that you have to tell them "ignore their race completely, hire best person for the job"??? Anything else is 100% racism, IDGAF who it's targeted FOR or AGAINST.

  19. I’m on a study diet of Seinfeld, its always sunny, 90’s Simpson & other shows that were great before the entertainment industry became retarded woke libtards virtue signaling race pandering race dividing propagandist. I’m so glad I’m not watching anything Hollywood craps out today and that goes double for pro sports.

  20. It's time that all white middle-aged men join forces and start suing Hollywood and any industry that use race and gender in their recruitment process, once they lose billions, then they will change…

  21. When I was a kid, I used to be excited to join the animation industry, thinking that I needed to land a studio job to be successful. Now, I realize that Hollywood does not want me, do I don't need them. I'll do just fine animating right here, independently. Someday, they will realize that it was them who needed ME.

  22. I think all white men should be out of entertainment….when they leave and focus on math and science, we can all focus on science since entertainment will be unwatchable…we'll have so much free time

  23. Just imagine the shitstorm you’ll face if you don’t follow along with the extreme leftism-on-parade in Hollywood- you’ve got no chance in hell of getting work.

    It’s so bad that the entertainment unions (SAG/AFTRA, IATSE) have even gotten involved by including “diversity” clauses in their latest bargaining agreements, where a percentage of POCs MUST be hired regardless of training, expertise, or experience.

    This kind of nonsense has been going on for YEARS in the business, if not decades. If anything, it has gone to mind-boggling heights as of late, and I’m honestly surprised as to why people are surprised by this.

    And of course the emails they send bloviating about “fighting systemic racism” doesn’t make them look enough like pandering demagogues as it is… p

  24. as a white guy, all i can say is screw them, i have moved on and don't need their products and am enjoying not giving them any money

  25. Again I have said this since the beginning it’s ok to be racist against white males but not against anyone else. 99 percent of white males are just regular people working 9 to 5 to make ends meet just like everyone else not privileged it’s a terrible statement. These sjws don’t want aquility they want total domination at the expense of a large part of the population. They want the white dollar and want you to swallow all the crap!

  26. I'm no white but I think this whole thing is stupid. Hire the actors that make a great job. For years, I've watched movies like Terminator, Fifth Element, Rush Hour, Leon: The Professional etc… and never gave shit about political crap! I want movies to entertain me and not lecture me from people that don't have any fucking morality to begin with.

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