I 100% support this bill and hope people expand their thinking to not support western companies who choose to bend the knee to Chinese censorship

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29 thoughts on “Hollywood CUTOFF From Government Aid If They Censor Films For China! (Ted Cruz Bill)

  1. I 100% Support This Move By The Cruz Missile! Fuck Chinese Censorship & Fuck The Companies Who bend The Knee! Make Sure You SMASH That LIKE Button On This Video & Leave A Comment On It To Help Spread The Word!

  2. Like they say in my country
    "Hora de partirle la madre" at China (Gov)

  3. Not far enough, this would only stop war movies etc.. (Transformers etc…)
    It's amazing that the DOD can give use of US aircraft carriers etc.. And then the movie company can make America look bad in the movie if China asks them…
    We need this to apply to all state and govt cash given to productions that change for China.
    Eventually they would secretly change the movies without officially being inspected by China but it would at least do Somthing.

  4. So what you're saying is, the time for violent revolution is upon us, yes? Because Hollywood shouldn't get a single cent of taxpayer money, under any circumstances. They have more than enough money.

  5. I respect Quentin Tarantino for denying to re-edit (censor) a version of his recent film “Once Upon A Time…in Hollywood” to be allowed to be shown in China.

  6. >stand-up to

    Correction: He's warning Hollywood to choose their next actions carefully.

  7. On the one hand, I disagree with the government telling Hollywood what movies they can and cannot make. On the other hand, Hollywood should not be receiving any of the government's money to begin with..

  8. Get censored and you're indentured.
    Please don't be a slave to China.

  9. Sounds great wouldn't work though, they would simply set up proxies in china and say well weee didn't censor it china itself did.

  10. i`m curious. Would it be so big of a deal if that would be swastika replaced?

  11. Matt Stone and Trey Parker (South Park) are the heroes of this "CCP Poo saga"

  12. That's how it should be! Why do we cater to other countries, if they don't like it then don't watch!🤔🇺🇸

  13. How about all Government money not just the DOD. I wounder how much money that is.

  14. Why do Chinese come here to America and try to change it to be more like China?

  15. The Chinese Communist Party is not a model for anything except exploitation and murder.

  16. I don't know about you guys but I can't wait to not support Hollywood when the lock down ends.

  17. If Hollywood likes China's Money Then Hurry up and movie to China

  18. Holy shit, I didn't know Ted Cruz was this awesome! Best news I've heard in ages!

  19. Well said,
    I’m tired of the abuse and manipulation of our people.
    It’s ok for us to have different ways of thinking and doing things. I am democrat but I respect our president and the Republican Party.
    Democratically and Republicans need to come together and start looking at the bigger picture.

    America and Freedom first.

  20. China is the enemy. I don't have ill will towards the people of China, but it's Government. They stand to destroy all the freedoms we enjoy in the western world. And as soon as their red claws are sunk too deep into our economy its game over. If Hollywood wants that China money, fine, but they should then rebuild Hollywood Hills inside China's border and get out of the west.

  21. All this stuff with China. I'm telling you a war is coming. I hope I'm wrong. But the states and Australia are getting testy with them. Something very big is coming, I can see the communist party lashing out soon

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