With all the real issues going on in the world right now, NPC media says that the delay of female led movies is the biggest!

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39 thoughts on “Hollywood delays HURT women the most! NPC media says it's worlds WORST problem!

  1. "new mutants will be a flop". if it comes out, it may never come out or it won't be the same movie because Disney may censor it heavily.

  2. NPC-Media: "This is the worst problem the world faces right now."
    People literally dying from Covid-19: "Oh please, do go on."

  3. So, what they’re saying is: female-led movies will have to succeed or fail based on their own merit, and nothing to do with feminist propaganda. 😂 Oh wow the irony. 😂

  4. What I'm about to say might sound tone deaf.

    I really hope the hollywood movie industry join the comic book industry in the trash can

  5. Its a pandemic with no people socializing in public.OF COURSE YOUR MOVIE IS DELAYED YOU WAHMEN PEOPLE WON’T ENDANGER THEMSELVES FOR YOU SUCCESS AND JUST BECAUSE MEN HAVE SEEN BIRDS OF PREYS DOESNT MEAN THEY LIKED IT AND WON’T TELL PEOPLE TO STAY AWAY FROM IT. Also if the gouvernent is able to clone humans in the future and make money off of it YOU WONT BE MISSED YOU EASILY BECOME BARREN AND INFERFILLE AT 30 WHILE MEN STAYS FERTILE EVEN AT 80. And there gene therapy to alter fetuse’s gender Again you’re NOT NEEDED WAHMEN.

  6. So not the thousands of people dying then being the world's biggest issue at the moment?

    As usual: Wahmen most affected.

    You couldn't make it up.

  7. I find it more racist for people to say "I don't want to see a Native American on my butter!"

  8. Who knew you could be triggered by butter packaging. But we are talking about EXTREMELY MENTALLY-ILL people on Twitter. Why aren't their families requesting wellness inspections to be conducted on these people?

  9. they're literally just saying these movies aren't good enough to stand up to good movies.

  10. The entertainment industry just sent me a Vaj-o-Meter in order to know what entertainment products are superior. Up until now I've been in error thinking I should be judging such things based on quality. But with my new handy dandy Vaj-o-Meter I can instantly know how much Vaj went into the making of a given offering and thus how much I shoul…will enjoy it!

    As a misguided, lowly, worthless male, I thank you entertainment industry! Thank you so, so much!

  11. If I was ever to stop buying a product, it would be because they prostrated to these stupid Twitter trolls, not because they have a harmless depiction of a Native American on their label.

  12. If the only selling point of your movie is the leads genitals you've got a problem, unless it's a porno

  13. Ridge Wallets look cool and I'd like to get one but I'm not spending $70+ on a wallet. If they were more reasonably priced then I'd buy one in a heartbeat

  14. "Behind the camera" they said?
    I'll believe that crap the day a huge movie is done 100% by women, taking care of all the technical stuff, the stage buildings, the heavy liftings ( we all know why a cameraman is still called cameraMAN ).
    Until now all a female director does is shouting action and cut and order people arround because some dude gave her full powers ( powers she didn't earned for another reason than parity )

  15. Since there's nothing going on the world aside from Covid-19, woke NPCs are bored and going after whatever they can. Land-o-lakes ffs? What next, Chester Cheetah is racist reference to black people?

  16. Flash if u read this please do some research the internals movie some of the articles i read where real bad but great video once great content

  17. Halloween was actually pretty good. They got a lot of things right with that movie in terms of firearms, tactics, and preparations. Better than a lot of the previous sequels.

  18. If was President I would ban Twitter and move it over to the Dark Web cuz that’s where all the insane people go

  19. Father’s Day is not coming up. It’s Mother’s Day 2.0. As far as your sponsor is concerned.

  20. “Oh no! The coronavirus is affecting our mone- I mean Women! What are we gonna do without our Women?”

  21. Sorry but I don't wanna hear shit about the CV virus affecting Harley Quinn the Movie and Underwater because those 2 films were done and flopped before the virus started effecting the Hollywood box office. also if this person is bad that any of these female movies that they are talkin about has to contend with those other movies that pretty much speaks for itself. She has absolutely no face in these films led by identity politics. if they were actually so great on your own merit she wouldn't be worrying. But deep down she knows we don't stand a chance because they just might not be that good

  22. Nee, it can't be about good history or quality, they don't have that any more, all they have are indulgences… godzilla vs king kong, for real?

  23. I don't know what underwater Is I've never even seen a Traller for it XD

    But I wanna see Black widow of course, gave to see that and A quiet place looks good from the Traller

  24. The point of bullying people on advertising symbols is just to soften everyone up, in preparation for pushing socialism on them. People are taught they need to be polite and socially sensitive. But, it's time for pushback. Fuckem.

  25. They're gonna have Trailblazer be the new mascot for Land O Lakes, that's all.💁🏿‍♀️

  26. Covid: kills mostly men.

    Feminist lunatic: "someway, somehow, I'm the biggest victim here".

  27. 0:24 In other words, one good film, one pointless sequel for WB dumpsterfire DCEU , a remake no one in America wants, and a film that will likely go out like a light.

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