On the celebrity news show “”Hollywood Dish,”” Brady (Bill Hader) and Anastasia (Kristen Wiig) encourage Scarlett Johansson to talk about her Tony nomination, her husband’s anatomy and to make funny voices in Japanese. [Season 36, 2010]

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50 thoughts on “Hollywood Dish with Scarlett Johansson – SNL

  1. I’d bang her but you know she just would be impossible to deal with the next day.

  2. Scar jo and Ryan Reynolds were married.. Damn they would have made beautiful babies

  3. So that white rice dosent taste like white rice anymore? Yes. And I'm Scarlett Johansson. -Gilbert Gottfried

  4. I'd love to have a threesome with Scarlet Jo and Kristin Wiig, then after go for a beer with Bill Hader, one of my favorites

  5. 10 years later and Scarlett is engaged to SNL writer Colin Jost…..life comes full circle

  6. Those two have an amazing comic and cosmic energy between them that nobody else has.

  7. i legit thought the ryan reynolds part was a bit and she was going to say "what, i'm scarlett not blake lively"

  8. I bet that Bill Hader spat on her on purpose and that it was scripted. you can tell by her suprised face. HAHAHA!

  9. Scarlett's shade of lipstick has always been my favorite. I hate when women out on red lipstick. Y'all look like clowns

  10. When Brady and Anastasia introduce themselfs to the guests the guests always say that they know who they are so it doesn't have to surprise them the way they act!!!

  11. Its gotta be so hard not to laugh when working with Bill Hader. The man is a comic genius.

  12. A ton of that slurpee went down Kristen’s shirt and collected around her stomach

    I bet that was cold

  13. Riiiiiiight.. She was married to Ryan Reynolds! Totally forgot that… and both got kids shortly after they divorced.. confusing…

  14. I like to think Bill improvised the spit take and slushie toss. Doubt it, but it's fun to imagine.

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