Netflix Hollywood Episode 1 – ‘Hooray for Hollywood’ Reaction


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27 thoughts on “Hollywood Episode 1 – 'Hooray for Hollywood' Reaction

  1. You should react to the Assanation of Gianni Versace. Darren Criss is in it

  2. Joe the whole episode: where's darren :((
    Me: in America crime story s2, WATCH IT!
    But seriously, that season was OWNED by darren and he was amazing you should definitely watch I haven't seen many reactions to it on YouTube

  3. The gas station prostitution part of the story is based on real life events. The real guy's name is Scotty Bowers and he has a book and documentary.

  4. I really like Jack too, I’m only on episode 5 but he and Camille are my favorites! A close third is Claire ❤️❤️❤️

  5. I finished it yesterday!!!! I didn't do anything besides watching it xd

  6. Sooooooo excited for your reactions!!!! I'm almost done with the season and it's such a good show! Hope you love the show!

  7. I went into this show without seeing the trailer and only knowing part of the cast list. I wasn’t expecting so much prostitution 😂

  8. I just finished… AND IT IS SO FREAKING GOOD. Some of these actor's performances just… Chef's Kisses

  9. The guy with the white hair and moustache is from the first season of American Horror Story. Also, I’m happy that your reacting to Hollywood.

  10. Also highly recommend you watch Pose 🥺 I feel like you’d actually enjoy watching it plus it opens you up to a new world/life you may not be too familiar with, plus it’s written by Ryan Murphy too and Evan Peters stars in it too

  11. Wait damn this show is already out?! I clearly haven’t been on Netflix enough lately 😩

  12. Just finished episode 2 and man as soon as Darren Criss shows up he steals the show In my opinion. I immediately care about him. I’m enjoying the show so far, it’s a fun time.

  13. Yes!!! I'm so happy you're doing this show! I binged it just finished, cool to being able to jump right into your reactions!

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