Hollywood Episode 5 – ‘Jump’ Reaction


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16 thoughts on “Hollywood Episode 5 – 'Jump' Reaction

  1. Idk if this is only me but I hate Henry (Sheldon) and I love him at the same time

  2. Such a good episode!!! And yes, btw, Song of the South is a very real and very racist movie that was made by Disney during the 1940's. Long story short, the movie is based on a black figure named Uncle Remus whose stories glorified plantation life for African Americans, the abolition of slavery, as well as other racially ignorant viewpoints; the stories where written by a white man about black life in the south….so…. it is literally just full of tone deaf, racist, inaccurate representations of black people. You actually cannot find Song of the South in the United States, unless you work real hard, its been banned from a VHS/DVD release. Even though Disney World, Disney Land, and Tokyo Disney all STILL have the ride Splash Mountain which is all about the racist movie.

  3. Ellen and Dick’s relationship wasn’t really random she’s talked about how great he is like every episode and they always have a slightly flirty banter so it makes sense

  4. Most of the films and actors referenced were real or at least based off of real films/people. Like how Rock was a real actor, and so was Vivian and the films she talked about being in, and the racist Disney film that was mentioned. Pretty much the only film that wasn’t real is Peg/Meg even though Peg Entwhistle did exist and jumped off the Hollywood sign

  5. Hi Joe please react to the assassination of Dianne cersace please Darren Chris is the lead and I think it may be an interesting new show to watch if u haven't already it's on Netflix ps I love ur reactions !

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