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  1. The cap, with the P is ENOUGH for me!!!! I saw that weeks ago and was FURIOUS 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  2. This guy is a nut. "The chicken thing" is probably related to Robot Chicken (Seth's successful show) and if he said this is where we keep the children, it sounds like he was joking….i feel really bad for this guy, it looks like paranoid schizophrenia. 🙁

  3. My question is. Why do evil folk give so many clues of their evil works? Makes no sense.

  4. I’m not a “debunker” by any means but something about this guy screams attention whore

  5. I could physically feel my brain 🧠 getting dumber listening to this podcast. Convenient they never talk about conspiracies that involve republicans.

  6. Please talk about TRACY TWYMAN Researcher Historian and Kappy asscociate who was suicided

  7. He was a very good man. I’ve been having problems with online cyber trolls that think they’re untouchable I was appointed to Cappys direction by my uncle who happened to be friends with him. When he died I knew instantly he did not kill himself

  8. Elites, politicians, actors, athletes etc. Coming down with coronavirus supposedly, self quarantining….Theory #1
    PATRIOTS/White Hats intercept batch of they're adrenachrome or synthetic adrenachrome (MADE ONLY IN WUHAN ACCORDING TO RESEARCH) with the coronavirus. Theory #2 Elites etc. Are going to use coronavirus as a exit/excuse to buy time before their immanent exposure, arrest, trials, tribunals, execution. THE PATRIOTS HAVE KNOWN, AND SEEN WHAT HAS BEEN COMING. NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT COMES NEXT. NO DEALS, NO ESCAPE. JUSTICE.

  9. I listened to all his stuff. This is the MOST amazing piece of work/art/freestyling had ever heard him do. I think it pushed "them" too far. IK was gone around a week later. Rest in peace. He was/is such an authentic soul. hope it's OK to leave the link there. (and edit: this was made cpl months before epst was taken away…)

  10. Isaac Kappy woke a lot of people…in the days before he died, he knew bad things were coming his way. He faced destiny with a dignity that heretofore I have only seen faked in Hollywood movies…Isaac showed us how to live, and he showed us how to die.

    He was better than he thought, he was braver than he knew. I cannot believe It's been almost a year. Rest in peace, Isaac Kappy. We have not forgotten.

  11. Wow this man is asking for Prayer. He is requesting prayer.. even with whatever he is going through..
    if he asks For Gods forgiveness and asked Jesus into his heart. He will be saved by the blood of Christ.

    He was so stressed because he knows some dark secrets. And he will be knocked off for popping off about all this pedo stuff. He created enemies not realizing how heavy and deep and evil this could get.

    He was realizing that yes he could be knocked off because of naming names. He should of boldly spoke out, every detail, and then also said my life is in danger, I am being tracked etc..

  12. You are a beast for even talking about thia fam! 🔥 Do you also know about Tracy Twyman and her death?

  13. Tom Hanks in a movie called “man with one red shoe”.
    Red shoe club – shoes made of human skin, according to McCaullay Culkin admirals according his youthful story about his Hollywood experience.

  14. Great video, thank you for posting. I remember watching all of it go down. His death was not in vain

  15. Every schizophrenic seems to have that thing with the eyes. He clearly needed help and society handed him a platform instead.

  16. I believe he was put in a position of being compromise to do what they do with hot dog and pizza. Poor sole if only he seek Jesus to save him .

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