The Hollywood Film Directing seminar is the ideal launching pad for anyone who aspires to direct professionally. In this DVD set, master teachers Mark Travis and Gil Bettman have teamed up to teach aspiring directors how to use superior rehearsal technique and insightful script analysis to create great performances, and how to best capture those performances on film through cutting-edge visual design.

I was an editor on this project in charge of cutting together multiple discs of the lecture presentation, as well as cutting sample clips and trailers for online advertisement.


3 thoughts on “Hollywood Film Directing: Directing the Camera (Trailer)

  1. When I can, this is something I definitely want to invest in. It will suppliment the Film/TV school that I graduated from. While they mostly covered how to do things on TV, something like this can definitely help me do real cinema, and not just a Cinematic made for TV.

  2. @kenshawfilms Glad you enjoyed it! Mark and Gil came up with a cool product and made it happen.

  3. Hey JMarrowEdit – this looks like a great course on DVD. Thanks for sharing. BTW, great job on the edit.

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