A visit to Hollywood Forever in Southern California . Located next to Paramount Studios it is the resting place of many movie stars , celebrities and notable names .


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    Even tho I covered a large amount of names and stories of those laid to rest at Hollywood Forever I could not mention everyone . Anyone you'd like to add to the list for future visitors who'd like to pay their respects ?
    Previous video https://youtu.be/ivpayqyDizY

  2. What a beautiful job they have done restoring our beloved Hollywood cemetery. You know Judy was moved from NY to Hollywood in 2017. Read a terrific story about her funeral in NY. Love her still.

  3. lol…in the tumbnail pic, I thought that was the back of some guy's head…it's actually a bush.

  4. In my local cemetary some people have a little packing board cross..its not as plush as these.

  5. I'm soo annoyed…they told me it was private viewing only and wouldnt let me in at all….

  6. Jayne Mansfield was killed when the car she was riding in rear ended a tractor-trailer truck. There were reports she was beheaded but that was not true. After this, trucks were equipped with a rear underride guard which was popularly referred to as a "Mansfield bar." The wreckage of the car is at the Dearly Departed Tour & Artifact Museum across the street from Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

  7. We just did a movie there call hooray for Hollywood 1930s to 1940s pretty spooky even during the day

  8. On Saturday nights Paramount Picture has a tour of their old sets or $99 with caviar and champagne and other treats and it's a walking tour and then they open the back door into the cemetery and you get a guided tour walking or they have a little Tramp or people that can't walk and they talk about the graves and I did it one time and it was super freaky and haunted and we saw people walking around in the cemetery that were actually dead

  9. I picked up a lady at the airport that's working for one of the famous colleges and she's doing a write-up about Valentino and we got some red roses and put them in the vases and she stood facing me what are back towards Valentino and he came through to her and he spoke through her body to me which is really strange and then he said what are used to do for a living and nobody knew about that nor did she when I used to work for Rose Hills Cemetery and I said okay back in the limousine let's go and when we got to the mausoleum she said have you ever been here before and I said know how did you know how to get to his grave and night and I said I have no idea and she said his Spirit brought me to that spot what was very strange is the gentleman who is buried on the opposite side of that corridor who Voice team out in the corridor at least two were having a conversation is really weird is it haunted very much so


  11. I dearly enjoyed this video of the famous cemetery. It is of course very beautiful and seeing Hollywood on the mountain and Paramount Studios water tower. All the beautiful Headstones. Some were made of the person who had died. That just showed just how much the family loved them. They had worked hard and left a lot of money and the family spent it on them right up to the end. They had a stone of there statue.

  12. I had the pleasure of running phone lines and dsl , to this graveyard during the Talking Dead and Breaking Bad finale. It is a amazing place. I ran phone lines over from the Gower side of the lot all the way over to the other side. Over 2'k feet. If you go there today, you can still see the cable feed I left behind at the Gower gate behind the guard house. Telco techs will know what I mean. Awesome video!

  13. This is unintentional ASMR. I’ve listened to this video four nights in a row to fall asleep.

  14. My God is this a very very very pathetic and sad thing to know that these celebrities needed to be buried in here

  15. Iron Eyes Cody, born Espera Oscar de Corti, even though he claimed to have a lineage from both the Cherokee and Cree Nation, turns out wasn't Native American at all, but rather Sicilian. Despite that he had an incredible acting career appearing in almost 200 films and dozens of guest slots in television. Pretty impressive resume.

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