“You unlock this door with the key of remembrance; beyond it is another dimension:
a dimension of nostalgia, a dimension of entertainment, a dimension of grief.
You’re journeying into a land of both life and death, of mourning and celebration.
You’ve just crossed over into… The Hollywood Graveyard.”

Hollywood Graveyard host, Arthur Dark, remembers some of the stars who made the Twilight Zone great… and stumbles into the Twilight Zone himself along the way.

Full list of stars visited today:
Rod Serling, Lee Van Cleef, Buster Keaton, Telly Savalas, Ed Wynn, Keenan Wynn, Jack Carson, William Demarest, Joan Blondell, Ted Knight, Cyril Delevanti, James Coburn, Lloyd Bochner, Jack Klugman, Peter Falk, Richard Conte, Sebastian Cabot, Jonathan Harris, Leonard Nimoy, Theodore Bikel, Jack Benny, Hayden Rorke, David White, Celia Lovsky, Joan Hackett, Mickey Rooney, Ross Martin, Jesse White, Eleanor Audley, Don Rickles, Howard J. Stone, Henry Corden, Pat O’Malley, Penny Singleton, Doug McClure, Cliff Osmond, Everett Sloane, Hugh Sanders, Martin Landau, Lois Nettleton, Howard Smith, Agnes Moorehead, Paul Fix, Shelley Berman, Nick Cravat, Richard Basehart, Joseph Schildkraut, Terry Burnham, John Dehner, Robert McCord, Charles Beaumont, George Clayton Johnson, Ray Bradbury, Montgomery Pittman, William Tuttle, Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith, Marius Constant… and one more…

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Some of the talented people who helped make this video:

Director and Cinematographer, Nathan D. Lee

Producers Vanessa Pantley & Tarek Tohme

Co-Composer, Giuseppe Vasapolli

Opening Titles and VFX, Phillip Goodwin

Thomas Carroll as Jeremy

Randy Mundy as The Conductor

Jefferson Black as Rod Serling:

Karie Bible as the Tour Guide

Erich Cannon, Production Assistant

Dale Turner, Guitar

Gina Luciani, Piccolo and Flute

Heber Valley Railroad:


Hollywood Forever Cemetery:


Sources include:
IMDb, Wikipedia, Find-a-Grave, etc. And for a more in-depth look at the Twilight Zone, check out Marc Scott Zicree’s “Twilight Zone Companion.” Not a sponsored plug, just a great read:

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37 thoughts on “Hollywood Graveyard Enters THE TWILIGHT ZONE

  1. Have you written a book yet? Why not? I would be happy to be your copy editor.

  2. I love seeing you with your glasses off! For some reason I thought you were dark eyed. I have no idea why. What a cool episode.

  3. I second your motion, Dave. He could do a Twilight Zone type himself ! I'd watch !

  4. I wondered if Jeremy was trying to tell you about the children that were killed in the movie.

  5. Why do I wish this channel was on television? Everything from music to the cinematography is Top notch! This is one of my FAVORITE ways to relax and learn something new about stars on TCM or past famous people I never heard of

  6. You forgot Barney Phillips.the three eyed martian in "will the real martian please stand up".

  7. I am a huge fan of the original twilight zone black and white T.V.series( I was never a fan of the reboot I thought it sucked) anyway you did rod serling justice with this tribute.i became so fasinated with some of the actors who appeared on the show and where there have there final resting place.

  8. Very creative!!!! Great video!!! Your awesome I'm sure if Rod was here today he would like this video to and would have loved to work with someone as creative as yourself best video on YouTube thank you sir for doing this video!!!

  9. Like yourself I have has a fascination with graveyards for many years visiting ones here, the north pacific, south America and in europe but the way you present them has taken it to a far greater level for me! The way in the to doing brings to life those it we have lost and gives us a whole new perspective on the memories of those who cherish. Thank you for all that you are doing and especially for what you have now created! You are a tremendous entertainer! You deserve our adoration and praise!

  10. Very well done! Coolest thing I've seen on here in a long, long time. Love it.

  11. Excellent episode! It's a"good" thing the little boy wasn't Anthony Fremont,or he might have wished you into the cornfield if you'd have forgotten anyone else. I hope that with Hollywood Graveyard there will always be "one more"! Thank you for this gift. Very much appreciated!

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