Welcome to Hollywood Graveyard. To celebrate Halloween, we’re in Sleepy Hollow, New York, reliving the Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving.

Written & Produced by Arthur Dark

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31 thoughts on “Hollywood Graveyard in SLEEPY HOLLOW

  1. Me gusta sus videos,son magnificos pero hay cosas que no entiendo ,pongan subtitulos en español ,gracias

  2. Fun video. One of my favorite stories from one of my favorite authors. Fun fact: The name of the horse that Ichabod was riding when he met The Headless Hessian was “Gunpowder”. 😊

  3. I would like him to get together with civil rights leaders and families of civil rights martyrs and get pictures of their graves and tell their stories.👈🏿🙋🏿‍♂️😬

  4. I did not know sleepy hollow actually existed that’s amazing! Brilliant video xx

  5. I am both disappointed and surprised there is not a full HG episode about Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Or have I missed it? I've been there and I assure you Washington Irving and the woman Katrina Van Tassel is based on are not the only famous graves. If I've missed it, please drop the link!

  6. This was great!!! I was shakin in my shoes listening to you tell the tale!!!

  7. Excellent! My best friend grew up in Ossining and they used to drink in the tavern where Washington Irving rented rooms above. He said the bridge was surprisingly short. They grew up with that story.

  8. You should get an award for this narration and video. Superlative! Fabulous job!

  9. Will you be heading back there to visit specific graves besides Irving's?

  10. awesome tribute Arthur I live 20 minutes from the cemetary its sad though

  11. I love Sleepy Hollow.It brings out the ghost in me.This is perfect for Halloween,and why not,anyone who rides a horse and a pumpkin.Tony has spoken.

  12. This is an awesome cemetery. I'd love to go back and stay a bit longer.

  13. Amazing Voice, Story and Music. I am so glad I found Hollywood Graveyards. I know that more and more people will find you and enjoy it others before them. Thank you for sharing your Beautiful Talent with the World.

  14. Wow, Arthur! You did a great job telling this story! Have you visited Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord, Mass.? It's also amazing!

  15. You didn’t show where there’s the remnants of an old bridge not far from the old Dutch church.

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