Welcome to Hollywood Graveyard, where we set out to remember and celebrate the lives of those who lived to entertain us, by visiting their final resting places. Some lived to make us laugh, others to cry or fall in love… while others still lived to scare us to death!

Full list of stars visited today: Theda Bara, Carl Laemmle, Lon Chaney, Lon Chaney Jr, Mary Philbin, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Colin Clive, Peter Lorre, Vampira, Aneta Corsaut, Carolyn Jones, Jackie Coogan, Ken Weatherwax, Blossom Rock, Janet Leigh, Ray Bradbury, John Cassavetes, Marty Feldman, Scatman Crothers, Heather O’Rourke, Dominique Dunne.

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Special acknowledgement to Scott Michaels of Dearly Departed Tours for facilitating the memorial for Ken Weatherwax.

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42 thoughts on “Hollywood Graveyard – The HALLOWEEN Special

  1. Should add Carl Laemmle Jr to this list, who was as much a driving force behind the early Universal monster movies as was his father. He's entombed above Carl Sr.

  2. I wonder what the BLOB was made of ? In regards to Carolyn Jones …remember she was one of the first casualties turned into a wax figure in the 1953 movie, “House of Wax” with Vincent Price. (Seemed like someone else was doing her voice).

  3. Bela Lugosi was an avid stamp collector. During his quiet time at home this is what he was in to.

  4. Boris Karloff's ashes are at the mount cemetery in Guildford, Surrey in the same place that Lewis Carroll who wrote 'Alice in Wonderland' is also buried.

  5. I hope you do another one and include Gunnar Hansen — Learherface/ Marilyn Burns — Sally /Tobey Hooper — director (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Wes Craven (director of a Nightmare on Elm Street/Scream), Fred Gwynne (Herman Munster)/Yvonne De Carlo (Lilly), Al Lewis (Grandpa), Beverly Owens (Marilyn). Also Max Von Sydow (Father Merrin)/Jason Miller (Father Karras) from the Exorcist

  6. I can think of plenty of others that could've been on this list, but maybe you can make another list with these stars of Horror: the woman who played the Bride of Frankenstein, the men who played the Creature From the Black Lagoon on land and in water, Claude Rains the Invisible man and phantom of the opera, the woman who played the princess in The Mummy, Anthony Perkins, Tobe Hooper, George A. Romero, Wes Craven, the first Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Vincent Price, Marylin Burns, Gunnar Hansen, R. Lee Ermy, Betsy Palmer, the first man to play Jason Voorhees, the first man to play Captain Spalding, Legendary Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, Robert Eugene Otto, Abbot and Costello, Karen Black, Margo Kidder, Alfred Hitchcock, Harold Ramis, John Herd, the man who played Count Orlock in Nosferatu, and many more deceased horror movie stars! I am requesting another list with these stars if you didn't already guess! Please and thank you!

  7. I'm (no jinx) happy to see that John "Gomez Addams" Astin is still with us. He's 90.

  8. I love love love your videos! You have the absolute best voice for it! Thank you so much for making them!

  9. mate , why you didn' mentioned JACKIE COOGAN as THE KID on THE CHAPLIN'S KID ?

  10. Who would have thought the child featured in the Charlie Chaplin film, “The Kid” ( and was so cute ! ) would eventually play screwy Uncle Fester in “ The Addams Family” ? But that’s the unpredictability of being an actor !

  11. Bela Lugosi as “Dracula” apparently thought that a character such as that would have that type of persona he presented for him on film. And he pulled it off. I rarely think I don’t see his fangs when he bites someone or see him as a bat—but he’s no doubt Dracula !

  12. I am a russian fan of Lon Chаney. Why doesn't he have a monument?!

  13. I have only just found ur channel so I am binge watching all the videos lol. I would love to see a child actor special xxxx

  14. My mother worked at Forest Lawn Glendale in the mausoleums for twenty years. She showed me many stars from the golden screen era resting places. The Great mausoleum goes nine stories down and is said to be haunted and holds many secrets….shh…

  15. After watching these videos, it really amazes me the modest markers or none at all!

  16. Dominique Dunne was the daughter of Dominick Dunne and younger sister of the late actor Griffin Dunne.

  17. Aneta Corsaut played Helen Crump, Andy Taylor's girlfriend, on the Andy Griffith Show.

  18. Bela Lugosi was credited as the star of Ed Wood's "Plan 9 from Outer Space," even though Bela died before the movie was ever made. His scenes, encompassing approximately 5 total minutes of film, were shot by Wood in 1956 to send to movie and TV casting directors to let them know that Bela was alive and looking for work. Unfortunately, Bela died a few months after the footage was shot. So Wood edited the scenes into "Plan 9," and reused one scene multiple times during the movie. Wood used his chiropractor as Bela's stand-in for the movie, even though Bela was about 5'10" and his chiropractor stood about 6'4". Ed figured that no one would know the difference if the doctor held his cape in front of his face. Ummm…yeah,sure. Bela was 6 inches shorter than the chiropractor! How could you NOT notice the difference?

  19. My 11 year old cousin would LOVE this – he enjoys history and old horror movies!

  20. This makes me put on my Ozzy Osbourne T-shirt.And it also makes me want to HOWL.And it's not even Halloween yet,but it will be,Tony has spoken.

  21. Get a doctor.This Halloween Special will freak you out of your own skin.Tony has spoken.

  22. Boris Karloff also voiced the Grinch in the original Christmas special from the 60's

  23. Got to love the fact that I’m watching this late at night while curling under my blankets with my dog.

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