Welcome to Hollywood Graveyard. In honor of Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday, today we remember and celebrate the lives of those who brought the beloved character to life.

Full list of stars visited today:
Walt Disney, Lillian Disney, Ub Iwerks, Rudolf Ising, Fred Moore, Jimmy MacDonald, Wayne Allwine, Carl Stalling, Clarence Nash, Leigh Harline, Floyd Gottfredson, Roy Disney.

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Written & Produced by Arthur Dark
Music by Giuseppe Vasapolli

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34 thoughts on “Hollywood Graveyard – The MICKEY MOUSE Special

  1. Another wonderful production. I'm surprised you don't 2 or 3 times as many subscribers !

  2. Valuable and Historical Memories! Excellent Work Hollywood Graveyard!

  3. I love this !!! Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse !!! Looking great for 90 !!!

  4. I always prefered Looney Tunes over Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney got his castle idea from a castle in Spain I believe. Spain is an amazing country.

  5. Allwine grave is not unmarked I seen the mark before he is now buried next to Russia Taylor now

  6. Unfortunately Russi Taylor died not too long ago, I hope she’s with her husband and they have a marker now. Mickey and Minnie together forever. And I love that Wayne is so close to Walt. Though I don’t understand why Roy is in a completely different place and not with his brother 🤔 xx

  7. And was quite something to hear I share a birthday with this mouse. Though I always liked Donald more.

  8. Correction: Composer Leigh Harline's last name is pronounced "Har-LEEN"!

  9. Funny that the studio that would take away Oswald The Rabbit away from Disney would turn down "Star Wars" which would be distributed by the studio that Disney would buy (20th Century-Fox) and Lucasfilm Ltd..

  10. Today is the 1 year anniversary of when you uploaded this video. 🤓

    EDIT- 9:34 P.M.: finishes video 9 minutes later
    This video was short but interesting.

  11. It's so sad to not have a marker for people, specially for someone like this. It's to bad Disney as a company dose not buy him a suitable marker. Disney can afford it.

  12. I feel that sad and eternal future in mickey mouse of happy birthday 90 years

  13. I've seen a sheetload of these, but just now realized I'd never "subbed." I sucketh!!!! But now rectified!!! LOVE THESE!!!

  14. The History Channel would do very well in hiring you to do a Famous Grave expose. The quality of your work shows out loud. Thanks for educating and entertaining me a job most people can not do !

  15. I have a question if Wayne's grave is unmarked then how did you find it?

  16. See I actually grew up with some of Jimmy McDonald's Mickey through some old tapes that my grandma had. The one I grew up with the most so was Wayne allwine rest in peace. Nowadays it's a Bret iwan who voices him. Found out that Wayne actually started out the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse until his passing and then Bret iwan took over

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