Welcome to Hollywood Graveyard. Today, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we set out to prove that true love never dies, by visiting star couples who rest side by side in eternity.

Full list of couples visited today:
Bobby Troup & Julie London, Ernie Kovacs & Edie Adams, Ozzie & Harriet Nelson, Clara Bow & Rex Bell, Alan Ladd & Sue Carol, Jeanette MacDonald & Gene Raymond, Maria & Nat King Cole, George Burns & Gracie Allen, Clark Gable & Carole Lombard, Irving Thalberg & Norma Shearer, Harold Lloyd & Mildred Davis, Wallace Reid & Dorothy Davenport, Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall, Walter Matthau & Carol Grace, Bing Crosby & Dixie Lee, Jean Acker & Chloe Carter, Fred MacMurray & June Haver, Bebe Daniels & Ben Lyon, Jack Benny & Mary Livingstone, Cyd Charisse & Tony Martin, Bob & Dolores Hope.

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Mildred Davis image courtesy of Jessica Keaton (Silence is Platinum)

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44 thoughts on “Hollywood Graveyard – The VALENTINE'S Special

  1. I (still) love you all. But, I had to re-upload this due to a small error. I’m a stickler for accuracy, but that means all your lovely comments were deleted 🙁 I read them and kept them in my heart.

  2. Lauren Bacall was intered next to Bogart in 2015 ..her children honroed her request

  3. That clip of Bob and Delores was too funny. Loving these films you put together during lockdown in the UK. Thank you!!

  4. That's LOVE!!!! Hollywood isn't what it use to be. It seems more like business contracts/image now. Definitely, rare in Hollywood now. lol

  5. Don't ever change Arthur, you're being a stickler for details has become your most endearing quality. Keep up the great work!!

  6. I love your Famous Grace Tours and have watched them all at least once. I've just discovered this one 3/6/2020 and love the stories of all these couples. Looks like there's others I need to watch as well…..

  7. Most of these people had already been married several times. They just happened to have died before they could divorce and marry again. Clark Gable was a man whore even while married. He was married 3-5 times before Lombard.

  8. Grace, I would like to consider you as my valentine.You're the only girl I love.

  9. I love the Valentine's special, I finally joined, I have been watching quite awhile, sorry it took me so long. I appreciate your hard work!

  10. Bob Hope and Nat King Cole , Fooled the around .That is not True Love !

  11. I would use the words that Clark Gable said to Vivien Leigh.Grace,I love you more than any other woman,andI waited for you than any other woman.Tony has spoken.

  12. Rarely have I found a channel that emotes professionalism along with grace and priceless knowledge. You simply are the best.

  13. The only thing “Untimely “ about Thalberg’s death is that it didn’t happen sooner than it did

  14. I can't get enough! I look so forward to watching new episodes. Thank you Arthur ❤🖤❤ Love you

  15. I love every video you have made and have watched all of them as they are sweet and kind , no one is forgotten as long we remember them. Thank you so very much Arthur.

  16. Alan and Sue Ann Ladd are a very attractive looking couple.Tony has spoken.

  17. All these late couples, they showed us that LOVE CONQUERS ALL. Even in the after life. 👫👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💑👩‍❤️‍👨

  18. I can't find that Nat & Maria Cole song. Does it possibly have another name?

  19. Love the background music used in this very touching video. No better ode to love than a tribute to these famously loving couples. ❤️🥀

  20. Your videos are simply brilliant. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful series of videos.

  21. Bib Hope and his wife what a tale of their enduring love & not a better woman would let her husband go and entertain the troops & sailors l was part of that during his last show during Desert Shiels/Storm. It was an honor to get to shake Bob Hopes & he would take the time to listen when l said how he entertained my father during Korean War

  22. I'll never forget Johnny Carson announcing the death of Jack Benny on the , Tonight Show in 1974 ,45 years ago now Oct 06 , 2019. My Lord it sure doesn't seem that many years ago but time moves on swiftly when it's not watched very closely.

  23. im a spencer-hepburn team i think theres a real love in the air😍😍

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