Video of Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Scream Contest Outtakes


18 thoughts on “Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Scream Contest Outtakes

  1. The lady @ 0:06 sounds just like Li Mei from Mortal Kombat Deception LMAO!!!

  2. look at 23-27 and think about that guy looking at a picture of justin beiber

  3. what? thats it? a bunch of idiots in a park screaming??? yeah that really sounds like a fucking good idea!

  4. @BridlePath977 There's two of them. One in Orlando, Florida and another one in Hollywood, California. @Universal Studios. You should really go. I live in CA so I go to Hollywood and its freaking amazing! They really scare the hell out of you. I like horror films and they still scare me, so its pretty good. XD

  5. omg like no lie, the time i went, i was looking for the guy filimg people! i was madd at the end of te night that i couldnt find him! =(((

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