An intro for the sports. It was used in the Hollywood Pep Rally.
Special thanks for leadership and the sports teams for the extra footage.
And Coach Lou for his awesome voice over.
Sheik Pride.
Directed and edited by Lloyd Ea
Music: Assassin’s Creed theme- Lindsey Stirling
Assassin’s Creed III Theme – Lorne Balfe


11 thoughts on “Hollywood High Sports Intro

  1. Yeah, sorry about that, I really wanted to put the soccer in, but its that their pictures that they gave me didn't work. It didn't read on my computer. so I have no choice. D:

  2. Cool video but it pissed the soccer team alot there are a part of the school what a shame

  3. Go Sheiks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this school! Shout out to my little sister Monique Maldonado, Varsity Girls Volleyball and class of 2013!!! I love you sister!!!

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