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top ten stair and rail tricks in my opinion
Kevin Romar – Switch 180
Dan Roberts – Fs Flip
Ryan Decenzo – Hardflip
Andrew Reynolds – Fs Flip over rail
Andrew Reynolds – Variel Heel
Ricky Webb – Switch Flip
Derrick Wilson – Nollie Heelflip
Nick Merlino – Nollie Flip
Eli Reed – Switch Ollie over fence
Ryan Decenzo Fs Flip over fence
Nyjah Huston – Fs Blunt
Taylor Bingaman – Bs Overcrook
Geoff Cook – Switch Lipslide
Figgy – Nollie Fs 50-50
Aarto Sari – Switch Fs Board
Terrell Robinson – Nollie Bs Board
Norman Woods – Nollie Fs Board
Bryan Sawyer – Half Cab Feeble
Nyjah Huston – Kickflip Bs Lip
Nyjah Huston – Bs 270 Lip


30 thoughts on “Hollywood High Top 20 tricks on 16 (OLD)

  1. wow… if nyjah and the second last guys tricks were really all first try that is FUCKED up 

  2. that halfcab feeble is one of the gnarliest tricks ive ever seen on that rail next to nyjah's kickflip back lip!

  3. Geoff Cook – Switch Lipslide!  never even heard of him / is that in a skate vid?  that go AFTER arto's on the list.  lip beats fboard

  4. cant forget about matt allens front salad grind or jon allies nose blunt slide

  5. It might have been after this and on the 12 but Forrest Edwards Tre 50-50 might have been the best.

  6. Micky Papa kickflip back overcrook?? This is what came up when i searched it

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