walking through the new ride hollywood horrors at the sydney royal easter show


47 thoughts on “Hollywood Horrors – Sydney Easter Show 2011

  1. First time i went on this Ride in 2013 i always go through that once a year so i never miss out

  2. I have been through HH each year at Easter Show and 2011 was by far the best, 2016 the most disappointing, actors jumped out too late!

  3. When you filmed this, was a clown with pink hair working the front door of the haunt? If so… that was me!! I'm glad to see that you made it out alive, others weren't so lucky…

  4. When my sister when on it, she was really scared because there was a clown and she HATES clowns, so she got our mum to go past the clown first and the clown didn't jump out for our mum but it jumped out at my sister xD

  5. dead people on the floor then they come chase you and then you scream if anyone wants to go on this ride go for it BUT ITS FRECK


  7. I highly not recommend it, it was way too scary 100x more scarier thn this one

  8. I remember going in one but since it was not that scary I went to Jason and asked for a picture so he tried to chases me out with a chan saw but I knew it was fake…

  9. I didn't see half this stuff, possibly because I wasn't in Sydney, but also because I was hiding my face in horror

  10. I went on that omg I was screaming so loud, my friend came with me and he was laughing the whole time even though I was literally crushing his arm. At the end with the chainsaw guy he put it near my legs and I started jumping up and down, jumped in front of my friend (closer to the exit), pushed my friend towards the guy and ran outside like I was actually going to die

  11. Lol i ran at the end were leather face was pushed my aunty into him and bolted for he door and then i slipped and crawled out it was fuckin hilarious

  12. I went on it with my dad and nearly cried i was so scared the guy with the chainsaw was the scariest i couldnt get that guy out my head im 10

  13. When I went on it, I saw leather face in there and started sprinting for my life then fell over and started crying. Never again

  14. i was too busy laughing and watching my friends grip onto my arms and hearing them scream to see any scary parts we actually made friends with the horror characters

  15. I went on that this year and when the guy with the mask on tried to scare me and me friend I full on started hitting him and my eyes were closed for 90 percent of the ride

  16. I went on the 2013 one. ABSOLUTELY SHITTING MYSELF. I was all fone until we had to go around this corner but I could see a clown with claws standing on the other side of the corner and I started crying and trying to push my friend first and she was screaming and wouldn't go… Turned out the clown was a manican and didn't even move. We ended up running the whole thing and grabbing onto this random guy's shirts so we didn't get lost. I ran so fast I couldn't even see who was chasing us! So scary!

  17. Omg they were so calm i was threatening to sue them if they came anywhere near me! i also may have punched one of them in the face…but thats not important

  18. Im going on it when we go the the royal melbourne show which should be eithir monday tuesday or wednesday whooo going 2 be awesome

  19. i went on this at the royal adelaide show, I GOT FUCKEN CHASED BY THE GUY WITH THE CHAINSAW! i didnt think i could run that fast!

  20. Im petrified of Haunted Houses , ghost trains and other rides like that. :0

  21. Im 12 and I was to chicken to go on it. (It looked scary especially the big dead man out the front) :0

  22. i went in there all bye myself and i came out crying my eyes out and then this 7 yr old boy comes out and he said i want to do it again it was horrifying and my dad said go in therre and ill give 100bucks and i said ok then a bunch of guys went in and i was still crying cause of each corner and the guy said its ok i used to work here and he showed me a short cut luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and came out the same way

  23. And the silence of the lambs bit where you had to walk around the cage…. Oh My God

  24. OMG we went on the last day this year and it was raining and we decided to go in when it was dark and there was no line so we thought we were the only ones in there but we ran into two 19 year old boys who were pretty much crying in the corner and made us go first around every corner. I almost had a heart attack when we had to walk through the bodies cause I thought something was gonna jump out at me. And then I went around the corner and the chainsaw guy came at me! Absolutely shitting myself!!

  25. Um i went through that and i dont think you are supposed to follow the people and have an inspection and ANNOY THEM BAHAHAHAHAH ROFL

  26. Oh god I don't know whether I should go on this or not on Monday… I love scary stuff but I saw Chucky and then the chainsaw guy popped up… Mmm… No.

  27. OMG ROFL I went on this thing this year and it was hilarious because there was this old couple who were trolling all the actors in there XD

    Like purposely walking slow so everyone got stuck together and an old man started flirting with the exorcist girl XD (She just started growling) lolololoolooloololool


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