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Hollywood Hotshot Arrested In Connection To 2 L.A. Women’s Drug-Related Deaths, Accused Of Rape & Supplying Underage Girls With Fake IDs.

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50 thoughts on “Hollywood Hotshot Arrested In Connection To 2 L.A. Women’s Drug-Related Deaths, Accused Of Rape & Supplying Underage Girls With Fake IDs.

  1. “Hollywood hotshot”? Some guy who no one has heard of, who maybe has done some minor things in showbusiness? This is silly.

  2. I love when they say things like hotshot and celebrity and i have no idea who they are and by looks why they would be famous

  3. This is a horribly sad story, and it sounds like there are many more victims out there. I’m glad they’ve caught this monster and his accomplices.

    P.S. I think we’re stretching the definition of “hotshot” here. Also, their apartment is apparently at Olympic & La Cienega, which is not in West Hollywood. It’s West LA.

  4. Holy fuck. Definition of scumbag. This guy should never leave prison. I hope they can find justice for his other victims as well. What a god damn psychopath.

  5. “Hotshot” is a great way to say they have no fucking clue who this guy is but he’s vaguely celebrity adjacent… soooo, more than likely the failson of some rich executive or producer?

  6. I love how people knew 15 years ago and barely come out now. They’d rather protect their career then help these people.

  7. This case hits really close to home for me. When I was 22-24 I lived in Miami. I went clubbing all the time and knew a lot of “insiders.” The amount of random apartments I’ve been to… you always assume sex may be expected but you could just call a cab or Uber if it got dangerous and WORST case- you might be taken advantage of (which is a terrible event but not necessarily a physically violent one). Those were risks we took.

    This is the nightmare scenario. They stayed together. They felt uncomfortable. They tried to leave together. They were kept there until they died. I can’t help but think of how this could have been me or any of my girlfriends. We did this shit constantly. It’s chilling to think of how these girls were just out on the town doing their thing and followed the “rules” of the buddy system and even tried to leave the moment things made them uncomfortable. I’m so sorry for their loved ones.

    Ladies stay safe. If you’re young, I know it feels like you can trust anyone and leave at any time. Especially when you’re with your girls. But a stranger at the club is still a stranger. Please be careful. And before anyone goes there: no, it’s not their fault for being naive and going home with strange men. Every young person should be able to be naive without fear of being drugged and raped. This is not normal danger as evidenced by the millions of women who have gone to a strangers home to party more and survived. Most guys just want to do drugs and try to get laid. They’ll let you go if you want. This man is a predator.

  8. That dude is a Hollywood hotshot?..*that* dude?? That mf looks like he just farted while pulling Christmas cookies out of the oven and someone just happened to be there to take his picture at that precise moment

  9. “As Radar previously reported, 37-year-old David Pearce – a Hollywood hotshot BELIEVED TO BE an actor/producer/promoter, who has been pictured posing with celebrities at red carpet events over the years – was arrested on Wednesday and charged with manslaughter for the deaths of 24-year-old model Christy Giles and her friend, 26-year-old architect/interior designer Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola.”

  10. How can someone be “believed to be an actor/producer” etc… Be a hotshot? Either he is an actor or whatever and can be confirmed.. or they are appending titles and roles to be click bait.. yes?

  11. Why didn’t they include photos of the two actors Brandt Osborn and Michael Ansbach that were arrested in the case?

  12. I have a friend who was at that warehouse party and someone was trying to get her to go to his house for an after party, talking about how he liked having “hot girls around.” She was tired and ended up going home instead, and found out about these two women the next day from the person trying to get her to go to the party. it makes me sick to think how close she was to becoming a victim.

    This kind of thing happens in LA all the time and I’ve been put into an Uber by a stranger trying to get me to an “after party.” I refuse to go out without my boyfriend anymore.

  13. LOL they add *Hollywood Hotshot* to add fuel to the fire even though everyone would all ready consider this a horrible act. It’s like a extra layer of evil to say *HOLLYWOOD* .

  14. All the people from his past coming forward with tales of him drugging and r@p!ng women and keeping IDs as trophies…

    Nice they come forward after people have died, I guess death isn’t cool with them but sexual assault gets a pass.

  15. Hotshot? As in he delivers the GHB into their drinks like a smooth criminal while also doing the moonwalk?

    I’ve never heard of this doofus.

  16. All this guy needed was a white baseball cap and white-framed sunglasses, and I could have told you that this is what this guy was up to….

  17. Just an FYI I don’t believe Bauer or Ricckenman or whatever he is called at all, if they were that worried or disgusted by him they would have called the cops.

  18. No idea who this clown is. But Great Value Joey Fatone looks like taint pubes. Hope he gets life.

  19. Hollywood (at least the industry) is disgusting. I bet we haven’t even heard a fraction of the shit that happens there.

  20. Looks like a fucking turd, I see him being passed around prison if his money in the commissary runs out. Trash that’s all he is, fucking trash.

  21. Is it me or is it also strange that Steven Bauer is rooming with a guy almost 30 years younger than him and now says he was pretty much unaware he was a total piece of shit other than the one incident ?

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