Episode 2 (part 1)
Hungry For FAME. Hustling for money. Hopeful to Make-it!
“HOLLYWOOD HOUSEBOYS” is a black gay “Docu-Reality” series that features the daily lives of (3) friends and their pursuit of different Hollywood ambitions.


39 thoughts on “Hollywood Houseboys High Res Ep 2 Part 1.mov

  1. He said: "Honey she live to far. I showed her a routine. Now, that's up to her if she wants to follow it"


    These Queens are no good.

  2. Damn some friends y'all are, instead of helping her perfect her performance y'all talked shit about her. Very Messy!

  3. RIP Dominique just sub to this channel will be watching all the episodes….

  4. RIP i remember stumbling across this channel last year watching the video and seeing her starting to blossom into her own…and her beyonce performance, the violence and hate has to stop.

  5. No she didnt deserve to die but you control the type of people you hang around with and the way you behave. I think its a combination of these two things that ultimately got her killed. Many transgender folk hang around very sketchy people sometimes due to drugs and often due to prostitution. lets keep it real coz I know a bit about that world :/

  6. Who the fuck are u EBONY? WHY the fuck are u hating so hard? Are u from Pomona? U will get fucked up for what u sayin with your scary ass. U wont post on fb scary bitch!

  7. Vincent is soo sweet! They dogged her!!! Assholes, what kind of friends are they! I see why the show didn't do good! Fake asssssssssessssss!!

  8. Soooo very sad. I hope the police are checking out the trade on the phone!

  9. Having a penis…. YOU ARE NOT A FEMALE.. I feel like I'm watching a very sick train of events in a PSYCH WARD where people accept lies as reality and expect everyone else to. This is very sad. Sad that people live this way and die this way.

  10. im sorry but I get the feeling that Curtis no longer interested in Vincent, talking about he cant eat the things he eats, and he laughed when the man was in tears when he couldn't find him wtf, and you slept out and didnt even think to call your significant other? Laughing away like its some joke, Vincent genuinely loves Curtis but I don't think Curtis feels the same, strange

  11. Ryan is Crazyyyyyyy …. rest in peace Dominique but on the real tip she couldnt perform n she barely kknows how to do her own make up …. she needed guides …. but she tried

  12. Dominique reminds me so much of my BFF dat was killed a year ago. R.I.P sweetheart. I loved ur personality on here

  13. Damn Domonique!!! R.I.P. I'm so sad to hear that your life was taken. I've known you since our Ultra Omni days and WE used to be twins from the house. Last time we talked it was like OMG you were starting your TRANSformation!! and I was so happy for you. God bless your family and may you find peace and with our father in Heaven… Love you SIS!!!! Always Amillion….. Omni 🙂 for old time sake….

  14. Everyone will have their own opinion over this and bottom line no one deserve to die however or whatever a person maybe. Do we agree?

  15. Ive known a few transgenders in my time and what i will say is they can be very bi-polar and fucked up emotionally. Partly the drugs and partly the fact of having to struggle with the transition and all the shit that goes with it. But looking at Dominique she seems very aggressive and unstable. Not hard to imagine she got into some fight with a guy over whatever. Lets not talk like all transgender folk are angels who cant be bad coz we all know they can run their mouths at times!

  16. I have to constantly look behind my back for transgender hater like you. I can't trust anyone because of people like you. So who every you are that killed this woman i hope the law enforcement shot your animal dead !!!!!!!!

  17. Rest in peace Dominique wish i could have met you seem like you were a very cool person to be called my friend and i have never had a friend before.Your were such a beautiful person on the inside.
    And for the person that killed that beautiful woman I hope you died of an extremely painfull way. Who every you are should not walk a second more on this earth. You piece of animal shit. No actually your beyond shit. People like you make me hate people today.

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