Welcome to The Nerdrotic Nooner – Today we will point out the obvious hypocrisy of the entertainment industry and the importance of unifying escapism. The comic crisis just got worse and the possibility of an Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad. All this and whatever YOU want to talk about. Will you be my Nooner
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42 thoughts on “Hollywood HYPOCRISY and the Loss of Escapism

  1. Gary, every stream you do, i end up respecting you more and more. really appreciate everything you're doing and I'm thankful that you continue to be a level-headed voice of reason in the midst of this storm we're in. much love & respect brother

  2. No, it was not crime, watch the videos from the scene. Floyd repeatedly resisted arrest (while the second arrested dude complied and was fine) both actively and passively, pretended to be unable to walk twice, stirred some shit inside police car so they couldn't transport him conscious – making him unconscious was logical thing to do.. him pleading for his life AFTER all his resist and pretending surely paid it's role why he got himself killed. Cops were right in what they were doing, they just were forced to go beyond what necessary by the criminal's actions.

  3. seth rogan and other celebs have pledged 50 grand to a fund for bailing out "protesters" they have all admitted to funding terrorist activities. they need to be imprisoned

  4. wtf is with this platform. videos are not loading, but all work when log out from Gacc

  5. Hang in there. People need to do some real investigating. This has all been in the works. God speed to us all

  6. How can you talk badly about JJ, when your boi Jeremy loves him so much?

  7. They released prisoners just in time for these riots. The whole thing has been planned.

  8. We should start calling leftists projectionists….cause it's all they do.

  9. The WOKE Access/Excess media is burning down the common ground on which we build colorful friendships.

  10. Outrage Porn is really not healthy for your mind. I try to stay away from it as hard as I can, that's why I avoid any Mainstream Media and Social Media (yt being the exception). Just works me up and gets me pissed. Get off the Twitter, Facebook and all that crap.

  11. J J is just buying off the barbarians in the form of tribute. He's saying to the normies "I gave at the office peons, now F**K OFF" !!!!

  12. Aw man, super jealous that you got that copy of Elric! I'm having a hard time finding a copy in my budget.

  13. "Enough white comfort" I'm not white and WTF?? Can you possible be any more racist? Also says the talentless white guy who's worth half a Billion dollars! I'm so sick and tired of the Racist SJWs calling everyone else Racists. It's like as a society we have regressed hundreds of years except let's just hate white guys now because that will fix racism and lets hate straight men because that will fix LGBTQ injustice. Fucking Brilliant.

  14. You can bet that Abrams and the rest of the inane, virtue-signalling Hollywood and Silicon Valley elite would swiftly find ways to circumvent an equitable tax policy, leaving the middle-class to pick up the tab, as always.

  15. Call me a cynic but I found the Instagram blackouttuesday also a bit pointless. In real life I just couldn't see how that has any effect on anything.

  16. They Will care after the rioters start coming to their mansions and burning it to the ground and i hope they do

  17. It's like the loudest voices preaching to the masses come from chrystal castles where average people are not allowed to go. They are as corrupt as many of the politicians running government

  18. Rich white actors could use their rich white wealth and privilege to help victims of riots. Just as useful would be if they STFU. 😲

  19. Excuse me, JarJar is not a talented director, the guy goes to the desert for star wars and puts up walls of green screen to simulate a desert

    Sheer fucking hubris

  20. Everyone was united on the issue. Even the friggin racists said the video was damning. And that was WAY before the autopsy results complicated matters somewhat. Can't have unity, though. Not in Trump's America.

  21. Here's the thing though, Gary; you are extremely political. It's just in that yockely, stoop-sitty way you and the Good Ol' Comics Boys jaw about your personal conservative politics which you see as completely correct and everyone else is a literal "hippie." Hippie is so overused. You throw it at people like me that probably align with you in almost every way except we use medical marijuana or something. Don't generalize on stuff like this. This is just JJ Johnson agenda. It's making us all fight over minutia so you don't notice their output is so terrible and childish. We all need to unite against these egomaniacs like Abrams not call each other hippies, and, fine, NASCAR yockels.

  22. “Does the Thing have a rock dong?” 😂
    I wasn’t expecting to ponder that today. 🤣

  23. Hollywood was at it's most powerful during the Great Depression; when people went to the cinema to escape the poverty and daily grind of their lives. So if Hollywood can make people feel like they did in the 20s/30s (without the economic crisis) people will flock to the cinema they Hollywood will be rich, powerful and relevant again.

  24. It's going to get worse. It doesn't matter which way you look at it, if Trump wins in November than Hollywerid will double down because "Eh orange man bad" and if Democrats win than Hollywerid will take that as some sort of validation to continue making woke garbage because they'll believe people want it.

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