The second video from my Hollywood Icons series.

Marlene Dietrich
Hedy Lamarr
Betty Grable
Ava Gardner
Rita Hayworth
Ingrid Bergman
Barbara Stanwyck


5 thoughts on “Hollywood Icons 2

  1. Beautiful women representing a glamorous time.

    BIG love for Ingrid, Marlene, Ava, Rita & Betty.


  2. Its magical how Isabella Fiorella Elettra looks like her mother (Ingrid Bergman)
    Absolutly beautiful video.
    Thank you

  3. My account was deleted so i've had to put them back up. I have tried to make some of the transitions a bit better though.

  4. Omg KATY! – this made me cry. The music and the selection of women. The Hedy film clips were not as affecting but it's hard to get footage of her since she lives on most memorably in the exact photos you chose. The Rita Hayworth section is STUNNING. BRAVO!

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