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A round-table discussing the current situation, how it affects the film industry, as well as society as a whole, and what you can do keep safe..

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26 thoughts on “Hollywood In Panic, Society in Lockdown, and what YOU can do.

  1. There are plenty of informative videos about the virus on YT. Why would they "strike down hard" on YOU?
    Paranoid much?

  2. The theatres and Hollywood should re-release older classic movies if some theatres remain open. At least then they might make a minimum amount of money. Also release the pilots of popular major production tv shows like The Mandalorian. The people who do go to these might be seeing it for the first time and it would generate interest into streaming the rest on one of the streaming services.

  3. Just now cinemas in Sweden limit ticket sales to 100 tickes maximum per theater and even less in the smaller theaters. So there will be no people sitting next to each other.

    This is stupid they should just close down the theaters all together, they are putting peoples lives at stake by keeping the theaters open.

    New study's show that the Corona is airborne and can survive in the atmosphere in aerosols up to 3 hours. Not a good idea to sit inside a theater with 100 people for 2 hours, that's just asking for trouble.

    Like your super chat said, you guys have it good in Norway compared to Sweden. But thankfully all of the surrounding countries arround us have closed their borders so that is essentially the same as Sweden closing its borders so thank you Scandinavia for being more responsible than us. Now I just hope that our government gets their shit together and puts the country in mandatory quarantine, the longer they wait the more its gonna cost our society.

  4. New study's show that children have tested positive for corona in their feices, so children are highly infectious in the bathroom. The corona doesnt show up in their saliva but if they go to the bathroom and touch their butt and then touch the toilet lid or the faucet etc then they are spreading the virus to any adult that shares the same bathroom.

  5. Now is the perfect time to launch Disney+ world wide, if they only had a brain. Fuck make mulan a Disney+ exclusive release cashing lots of money instantly!

  6. Seems like pro-CCP elements in media are acting up and trying to distance the virus from the CCP. These are the same people who are seemingly allergic to mention anything negative about them. The censoring of the C-viruses name is rather telling at this point and there is a lot of odd behavior going on and it is rather worrying, along with some oddities in the virus being revealed recently.

  7. Pretty obvious half the panel was spaced out. Some more then others. Andre was working it to try to keep the group awake.

  8. Literally the only reason I would go to Las Vegas is to visit a couple friends who moved there, and the buffets.

    I guess my friends are still cool but come on! Lol

  9. Come, Wuhanvirus,
    Come, Wuhanvirus now,
    Come suuuuck Disney Corporation and Hollywood's green blood dry…


  10. We have a perfect storm happening. VR headset adaptations of movies could be the future.

  11. Mates in China say the virus has peaked. Schools go back on the 16th. Some factories are open. More will follow after precautions are met.

  12. I enjoy channels on YouTube. I hate YouTube though. There is an example of this before, and someday I will gleefully dance upon YouTube's ashes of demise as I did with Blockbuster Video.

  13. What I can do? Sit back and hope the damn virus mutates and ends all life on Earth! =D

  14. The mortality rate for the corona virus depends a lot on the person. Last I heard, it's 8% for 70 year olds and 15% for 80 year olds. The average rate doesn't matter unless you don't mind killing your mom or grandma by accident. Smoking, asthma, and diabetes also knock up the risk factor quite a bit. Significantly more men died in China than women simply because more men smoke there. Comparing a year's worth of flu deaths to a month of this virus is incredibly dumb. This germ spreads geometrically. Very few people have it now. Within a few months, around 40-70% of everybody in the world will have gotten it. Eventually, everybody will get it, and then we will legitimately be able to compare its mortality rates with the flu's. The goal here isn't to stop it. We're just trying to slow it down so we have more time to deal with the fallout.

  15. Most venues, businesses and public places here in Norway will be in lockdown for two weeks, and after that there will be an evaluation on if the lockdown will be continued.

  16. The American response is also atrocious. Barely any testing because people cant afford it or testing kits arent available. A hesitation to lockdown or quarantine because it will hurt businesses. (The decision to work from home is largely decided by the dictatorship of the workplaces. The decision to lockdown is also decided on a local government level but the federal level is what can really get resources going.) Sure, people are panicking more and more in America, but theres also an atittude of who cares its just a flu, which will overload and overburden our already overworked health services and supplies and we are just getting started with this pandemic. Many health workers will end up getting worked to death when it could have been prevented. We had months to prepare and we squandered it. The upcoming months will have Americans with some of the highest deaths from coronavirus if things progress at this rate. Our culture of insane work ethic and our awful privatized healthcare system and lack of government response and the inability for the free market to provide will be a reckoning for the American public.

  17. Ha ha ha. Times are interesting. Remember not to touch the doorknobs. What? You are not allowed to mention your country name of virus name? Remember that the decease for us young people is mild, like a flu, but you can kill the elderlly by carrying it to them. It is the official media, that treats this as alarming. Here in Pori, Finland, we have two people in hospital and over 230 infected around the country and 50 more per day. I was the first person to wear a mask at hypermarket friday rushhour yesterday. From last Sunday to Thursday I had a runny nose, sore throat and low fewer. Now its gone. Our government said in January, that this doesn´t look that infectious and it probably won´t come to Finland. All societies downplay it until it is already spreading. It is so difficult to think out of the norm, usual life. Only Turkey is in time.

  18. Hi guys, same fan here, Idk if you know this by now, but many mfg companies are doing their best to not stop production, however they cannot still recover their personnel from Italy nor China.

  19. Disney is preparing to release Frozen 2 for Disney Plus earlier than thought. Expect similar early releases to streaming services in response to our quarantined economies. The Rise of Skywalker looks ripe to release early.

  20. Here in Las Vegas over 50% of staffing in the hotel's have been laid off. You have to consider entertainment, food and services as well retail. Days ago mass majority of the hotels shut down the buffets. With the cancellation of the NCAA tournaments, has really driven a nail in the coffin in loss of revenue.

  21. Stop going to these Hollywood movies and Disney Corporation movies, stop supporting this crap.

    Plus, it's dangerous with the Communist Chinese Beijing regime and their Wuhanvirus Lab Virus sweeping into everywhere humans are and infecting them.


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