I am all for awards going to the best person for the job but to start demanding certain quota’s and themes be in movies in order to qualify for awards seems like going backwards to me.

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34 thoughts on “Hollywood Institutes RACE Quotas For Movies?!? How Is This A Good Thing?

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  2. They don't want equal representation, they want over-representation. If you look at the demographic makeup of Hollywood you'll see it almost perfectly mirrors the demographic makeup of our country. Black actors and GOOD black directors is a minority of a minority of a minority. They basically want 30%+ of nominations to be black people when the amount of good black actors and directors can literally be counted on one hand.

  3. 7:34 actually the problem is the pearl clutching church ladies ultimately had almost ZERO power. They went ignored by the majority, even fellow religious people. Right wing church ladies of the 90s were the first wave of karens. SJWs today are super karens on steroids and crack. Problem is they somehow have a lot of power. Maybe it's them systematically taking control over everything OR maybe it had a lot to do with Hwood being left leaning so they just ignored conservatives in the 90s. Hmm.

  4. "Hey Mr black actor or director, since we have to fill a diversity quota you're now being nominated even though there was like at least 10 white actors/directors better than you. Good luck on your nomination"
    They are basically going to have people of color treated like hot chicks are in the professional world. "She only got that job because she slept her way to the top/with the boss"

  5. Honestly I dont even watch movies anymore. But if I did, I'll stick to Bollywood. At least people in those movies are always happy and not trying to call me a racist or bigot

  6. any studio or movie that does this should lose all access to any form of government funding/ tax evasion….i mean break….

  7. They donated so little because they're used to living big but since the movie industry has shut down, they have no more money 😂

  8. Hopefully the NBA, NFL, MLB, etc. all institute racial quotas. It will be fun to see sports with real representation of our racial makeup. 70% white, 14% hispanic, 12% black, 4% Asian.

  9. Patton's Oswalt, Mr Liberal Big-Mouth himself, only donated $50?!?!? He talks a real big game when it comes to liberal ideaology, but I guess when it's time to put his money where his mouth us, he comes up short, like most liberals! LOL!

  10. Sitting here as an Afrikaans South African, (just supplying context) I can't help but chuckle. Do I warn you of what's coming? Would you listen? Roll your eyes perhaps? Call me a modern Nazi? Well if you managed to read that without feeling offended. My country was where you are now, 15-20 years ago. You guys better put your foot down, lock the people with power in a room and tell them they can leave when they found acceptable answers/compromises to the uncomfortable questions you are facing now. If you want to know where on the scale of horribleness you are? You are Alice and you just discovered the rabbit hole. I hope for your part something happens before you take a tumble.

  11. We have this already it’s called BET Awards…The Oscars are for quality not skin tone. If you use this logic we need WET then lol

  12. Diversity and inclusion mostly comes down to discrimination. No person at my firm is a quota and all of them are stunningly competent and come from all blocks of life. All quotas do is make the people always question if they are good enough or only a number. Meritocracy is the only answer I believe.

  13. I see the new quotas as a positive. We all know how tokenism works in Hollywood. Now we won't have to attribute it to fake scandals and marketing gimmick and click-bait hype-trains. These people will now literally hire minorities to win an award in return.

  14. They loose money because they are woke, so now we will have not choice to watch them if all movies will be woke. That its just a other plan to make us eat their shit

  15. well no point looking at those movies, I watch movies to get away from everyday struggel and my brain need some free time, now it will be irritated.

  16. So historical pieces are done? Can’t make a Viking movie without a bunch of Black and Asian Vikings running around?

  17. Can't wait until airlines start employing pilots based on diversity quotas

  18. That's just brilliant. Someone could make the next Casablanca
    X1,000,000,000,000, and they wouldn't be considered for an Oscar (shit
    that no longer matters because it was ruined by cultural marxism and now
    people don't care to watch, and if the people don't care, the award
    becomes meaningless except to the pathetic bunch who work so hard to
    earn them because that's all they have to look forward to) because movie
    didn't have <insert specific type of hairless, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyype here> in it. 2

  19. Pointless virtue signaling for empty points that have real bearing on real sane people's desire to purchase a thing. Worst year of the decade hands down.

  20. Any celebrity who donated to the bail fund, should have some karma and have someone "protest" them like BLM and antifa are "protesting" towards white people. Just to see what kind of people they are helping bail out of prison.

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