Hollywood revenue is down 97% as Disney tanks and AMC theater has decided to boycott all major releases from universal. It’s beautiful

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29 thoughts on “Hollywood Is BURNING! Revenue Down 97% As Theaters Boycott!

  1. One bad year bankrupts the whole billion dollar industries? Why do I have a hard time buying that pleading poormouth. But if they do crash, the world is surely better off. Next on the chopping block, the CCP: China Coronavirus Party. NOBODY IN THE WORLD RESPECTS THEM and the mainland China population could DO BETTER – if they weren't so irresponsible for their own society, so low-trusting of their own people, and rightfully so because they are so corrupt. It's very sad watching China co-opt the real cultural icons and customs of other nations since the commies eradicated and Disneyfied so much of China's own culture. How empty and vapid!

  2. One small correction, they don't Censor to appease the Chinese "Market", they do it to Appease the Chinese GOVERNMENT….

  3. AMC is gigantic yet not a single AMC movie theater is here or in the next town or the next one after that here LOL Honestly AMC doing this might just force them to just go to Digital anyways as it's a suprior way to deliever their product to more people

  4. Serves them right when they fuck Starwars don't listen to fans insult us an think we're dumb as fuck, then want to cater to people who never liked sci fi type films they made this bed now they can lay in it and die. Maybe next time other corperations will learn you don't insult the fans. No one is to big to fail

  5. I’ll stick too my anime and cartoons they are far more entertaining

  6. Let Hollyweird crash and burn. Disney too. I couldn't care less.

  7. I suspect the movie companies have been looking for a reason to cut out theatres for a while.

  8. Modern movies are garbage. Actors are all woke and egomaniacal. "You get what you deserve"

  9. That's because, in spite of the modern liberals (read communists) attempts to destroy everyone's education, people refuse to be as brainwashed as they'd like.

  10. Anybody want some s’mores made with the sweet fires of Hollywood on the marshmallows?

  11. Holy shit The quartering lives near Gurnee? I need to buy this man a beer I’m out here in Aurora

  12. I’m really enjoying the amazon prime. Not missing cable or going to the movies. I’m not a big Disney fan but do respect it’s history.

  13. How stupid can these people be? Its simple , just close cinema stuff and put everything on hold until the corona threat is over, then start everything back up business as usual ITS THAT SIMPLE

  14. Why would any of the film companies care if AMC and regal decide to boycott them?? They already have a way to release it digitally. What the hell is AMC gonna do? Sell tickets to what? This reckoning has long been coming. When I was a kid just 2 decades ago a movie ticket was $4 and when I worked for the local theater I saw it gradually rise .25$ every 3-6 months like fucking clockwork till we arrive here where tickets are &12+ dollars a head and concessions you spend damn near 50-100$. Now the theaters only get a few cents per ticket sale in the opening weeks and the longer it runs the more the theater gets a share of the ticket sales. But still, this is what happens when you refuse to adapt, you fucking die. Honestly, you get what you deserve. On a personal note I’m grateful to have been there to learn how to thread projectors and splice together actual films for viewing. Now everything is digital, just insert and press a button.

  15. Hollywood had money to burn but they built their fireplace out out of wokewood.

  16. Nothing but good news. Maybe when this is all over, we'll get an entertainment industry reboot in Atlanta, Georgia… somehow I feel better about our entertainment coming out of there than where it has been coming from before all this pandemic nonsense…

  17. They should continue to go as woke as possible to give other production studios a chance. And as a bonus, we would just know what movies to avoid in the future. because I watch movies to be entertained, not virtue signaled.

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