A visit to Hollywood Blvd early May 2020 to see what it’s like due to current temporary closures .

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38 thoughts on “Hollywood is Empty – Walking Tour of Closed Attractions & Landmarks / Goodbye To Amoeba Records

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    Good to be back in my old stomping grounds. Walked this path a hundred times when I lived in the neighborhood. In all that time never saw someone crawl out of a storm drain tho

  2. Loved this Vlog!! Really love you to Vlogging together!👍😊

  3. why are you wearing a mask outside?? Do they arrest you in CA with out one!?!? i think our air is ok; check War of the Worlds footage… 🙂

  4. So weird seeing it so empty. Wish it was like this when we filmed for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Would have made life easy. haha

  5. I’m shocked. Jordan has really put on the weight, not just in the stomach but chest also. Is stress responsible since he has been struggling with moving and where he wants to go. Stress can pack the pounds on and they are hard to get off.

  6. I think that space helmet was a fancy bong. I'm pretty sure my friend has one.

  7. Great vid and yey Jordan the lion, awesome!! You should do more filming together, very funny. Hope you’re staying safe guys x

  8. there is a painting of Kobe Bryant and Lebron James on a building off of Hollywood Blvd, the place is called Shiekh, the address is 6544 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

  9. It wouldn't be a normal stroll down Hollywood if you didn't see someone crawling out of the sewers.

  10. There is a place around that area that sells movie posters that were originally used in movie theaters

  11. It`s amazing how so many Californian`s are completely brainwashed by television.

  12. Cracking on Batfleck!!

    14:30, probably just updating the Jack In Da Crack sign. The old box is gone from many locations.

  13. Nobody around for over a month and they still have trash all over the place. I wonder where all the city funds truly go?

  14. Adam this is one of the best videos you have done ina loooooooooong time, thank you Jordan, by the way, Jordan your vlog on raising Arizona was nothing but AWESOME!

  15. Hey! That was always my favorite Jack in the Box when I was in L.A.! Sure great to see you and Jordan hanging out together again. Gotta wonder if the Jack Douglas Star on the Walk of Fame was for Jack Douglas the humorist. The guy who wrote the VERY silly book "My Brother Was An Only Child" and its sequel "Never Trust a Naked Bus Driver" seriously, those are REAL books! Wow. Empty Hollywood. And gee, last time I was in that part of town, there was a parking lot east of the Chinese Theatre. 'Course, that was decades ago, so…Loving your content, as always…

  16. Great video Adam. Having been there a few times, it's a lot of fun to see that perspective. It's fun to see the two of you together!

  17. I haven't been back to Hollywood Blvd in over 30 years! Very different.

  18. Adam you look like a bank robbers with the masks any other time you would be stopped by police lol

  19. Cool video adm my son said it's just like GTA 5 keep up the good work stay safe👍👍👍😀😀😀

  20. I think your youtube work is amazing. Our best defence against covid is 6ft social distancing and staying in a bubble of friends/family (New Zealand concept: A group of people ONLY, only associating with each other). Masks only protect some protection for those around you from your respirated breath. If your friend somehow caught the extremely highly contagious covid your mask would offer some protection and you would be somewhat more protected if he was wearing a mask. New Zealand had NO covid cases yesterday and only 28 deaths during the outbreak. Pleased dont be lulled into complacency….Keep 6 ft apart from anyone not in your bubble. Wait for the vaccine…we are in this ''apart" for the next 2 years.

  21. I hate to be a party pooper but you guys still need to be 6 feet away even with bandannas on.

  22. Thank you for this one. I would have been seeing some of this myself in October. NEXT YEAR will have to do. Stay safe.

  23. No homeless or run a way teens, punks, rockers, stoners, gang members.

  24. I’m torn. One of my favourite Youtubers clearly flaunting social distancing for likes and views dismissing the health of the frontline and societies most vulnerable. There is no reason you can’t make videos on your own rather than mixing with others and completely against medical experts guidelines. Cmon man!

  25. Adam, I definitely thought you were going to say…..look!! it’s a…..it’s a….CHUD!! coming out of the sewers! Ruuuuun!!!!

  26. I kept expecting Charlton Heston to drive down the street hunting members of the “family” 🧟‍♀️. The 🧟‍♂️ would love to bite into those Burritos, and You too. 🧟‍♀️.

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