Takuya Ishizuka street skating through the streets of Los Angeles with the ERASED family.
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Ryan Librada: Take my Hand : https://soundcloud.com/denimdaddy/take-my-hand/s-NGG3I

Monty Datta – Childhood Memories: https://soundcloud.com/montydatta/md-childhood-memories-prod-monty-datta

kerri – it all feels the same (ft. CASHFORGOLD) – https://soundcloud.com/dearkerri/same

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47 thoughts on “HOLLYWOOD L.A. SKATE LIFE

  1. 5:54 that security guard/police officer is so fricking rude. Like dude chill. Takuya clearly doesnt understand what your saying so no need to be raising your voice like that.

  2. 3:40 honestly the way you incorporated live singing then using that singing to make a skate video is literally high iq shit. this is a masterpiece

  3. Takuya looking at the security guy having no clue what he's saying is honestly cute 🤣

  4. First song kinda sounds like the instrumental to “not gunna get us” from that Russian duo TaTu
    It is lmao I’m dumb

  5. yooo i went to marshall and we used to play the school y’all were at in the intro💀

  6. Musician's scene warmed my heart. Every 「スケートライフ」 videos you post contain warm communication with local people, i really like that.

  7. Takuya: no speak english
    Cop: what can I say to you to convey to you that you are not wanted on these premises

    Does the cop not understand no speak English lol

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