Title: Daydreams in the Night
Artist: Stan Kenton Orchestra and Voices


27 thoughts on “Hollywood Lament (soft tempo)

  1. "Hollywood Lament" is a great name for this. The juxtaposition of the Kenton music with the images seemed to capture the unreality and disillusion of celebrity.

  2. I'll bet there wasn't one single 'F*ck Trump' the entire evening. The whole of Hollywood today doesn't have the class of one single attendee at this event.

  3. I believe the redhead is either ARLENE DAHL or RHONDA FLEMING . Now this tape is historical bcause of all these great A list STARS; the quality of the footage is so clear. AMAZING IMAGES.

  4. Amazing how beautiful the women's clothes are – unlike the mostly-hideous or dreary "creations" you see at awards ceremonies today. Someone here enthused over Michelle Carey at 1:43. I thought I knew my old stars but had never heard of her; looked her up and she had a lot of credits. Interesting to see Hedy Lamarr at 1:23 – and Mary Pickford!

  5. The "elegant redhead in profile" towards the end is Arline (or Arlene) Dahl.

  6. I'm not sure who the elegant redhead in profile toward the end is. Anyone venture a guess?

  7. This is amazing. I have played it at least 30 times since I saw and heard it last night. Great vibe to it.

  8. elegance + sofistication personified ………..keep it coming baby !

  9. like Rowlandph said, this is the real CLASS, not anymore
    Great, great video Jerry!

  10. …When Hollywood stars had class…Unlike the garbage they are today…

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