Title: Daydreams in the Night
Artist: Stan Kenton Orchestra and Voices


27 thoughts on “Hollywood Lament (soft tempo)

  1. "Hollywood Lament" is a great name for this. The juxtaposition of the Kenton music with the images seemed to capture the unreality and disillusion of celebrity.

  2. I'll bet there wasn't one single 'F*ck Trump' the entire evening. The whole of Hollywood today doesn't have the class of one single attendee at this event.

  3. I believe the redhead is either ARLENE DAHL or RHONDA FLEMING . Now this tape is historical bcause of all these great A list STARS; the quality of the footage is so clear. AMAZING IMAGES.

  4. Amazing how beautiful the women's clothes are – unlike the mostly-hideous or dreary "creations" you see at awards ceremonies today. Someone here enthused over Michelle Carey at 1:43. I thought I knew my old stars but had never heard of her; looked her up and she had a lot of credits. Interesting to see Hedy Lamarr at 1:23 – and Mary Pickford!

  5. I'm not sure who the elegant redhead in profile toward the end is. Anyone venture a guess?

  6. This is amazing. I have played it at least 30 times since I saw and heard it last night. Great vibe to it.

  7. like Rowlandph said, this is the real CLASS, not anymore
    Great, great video Jerry!

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