One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, sits down for a special reading with 2014 Olympic silver medalist and 2018 Winter Olympics hopeful, Gus Kenworthy. Watch Tyler deliver another astounding reading with the freestyle skier and don’t miss the return of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry returns on Wednesday, February 28 at 9|8c only on E!

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“Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry” Reading with Olympian Gus Kenworthy | E!


44 thoughts on “"Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry" Reading with Olympian Gus Kenworthy | E!

  1. idk how tyler could sit there with gus- oof wow i would’ve nutted if i was face to face with gus

  2. Mediums dealt with witchcraft and tarot cards there good spirits around them are usually evil spirits and demonic spirits cloth themselves as light but there not they bring mislead and deceive upon people.

  3. This guy has all the respect in the world from me for coming out and being who he is even though hes an international athlete. Be who you are!! Life is too short to hide because of what other people think!

  4. There are some really genuine 100% mediums out there and this Tyler guy is clearly one of them. Sadly there are also plenty of charlatans who prey on the vulnerable too.Many diss these abilities because they do not understand them. Which is a shame as our loved ones really do carry on ,as will we when our time comes to lose the earthly body and move on to another more positive level. Peace and love………….

  5. IDK, Everytime I see two cute guy, my heart is like going uwu. Do I have a health issue?.

  6. Intro too long winded. But, without doubt, Tyler is one of the rare & truly gifted mediums. Wonderful that he can comfort so many this side of life.

  7. Aww, I think Tyler has a crush! "I'm going to be cheering for you with pom poms in the corner?" Really, Tyler? 😋❤ That was sweet.

  8. How cute! Seemed like Tyler was crushing on Gus. I don't blame him. He is a cutie and athletic and a sweet guy.

  9. Both men are amazing and compassionate people. What a privilege to see this side of them.

  10. Such a young medium, such a wonderful gift. As an experienced medium myself, I applaud this young man for his courage and generosity in putting himself 'out there' and delivering such wonderful and healing messages from spirit.

  11. I'm not sure I believe this. The clients always end up giving away much more information than they get.

  12. The reader didn't pick up on the bandana headband being yellow. He made a vague reference to balloons, clothing, or something. Gus supplied the information. These psychics aren't psychics. They just give general information ie.. casting a wide enough net.. that almost anyone can fit into. Anyone who says 1) they can talk to the dead 2) read your future is nothing more than a fake that feeds on gullible people. I want to reach thru the screen and smack people.. wake up.. he's using a 'cold reading' technique on you. I wouldn't pay 1cent to any of these fakes.

  13. Tyler has got the hots for Gus! Big time!! I think Gus is a very good looking guy and that's coming from a straight guy.

  14. Gus had me in tears immediately. I lost my closest friend here in 2019. Your heart never quite heals…but you're in a good place when you honor that wonderful, beautiful friendship with a positive, forward attitude.

  15. Wow! What Gus has been through!
    He's a survivor who made the loss matter.
    Phenomenal determination!!
    Well done!

  16. I always love it when he doesn't know the people. Especially when the client just got done saying why they're famous. Lol.

  17. Gus tweeted about losing his friend when he was 14 and even mentioned the owl….back in 2017. Once again Tyler just did a quick google search.

  18. That was hilarious Tyler letting his guard down for a millisecond at the end and they didn't edit it out! Very sweet

  19. As a straight woman, I can say Gus Kenworthy and Jonathan Groff are my fantasy couple. Yes, I said it.

  20. Facial Microexpressions are down to a science, allowing psychics to read people and leach factual information, making allegedly unscrupulous people wealthy and emotionally destructive.

  21. When a person dies, they are dead; they "know" nothing. It helps us to believe otherwise, however. This is the purpose of religions, and even of Tyler Henry. It all gives us hope, albeit false hope … BUT it is "hope", and "helps"; that's not a bad thing. Tyler seems super attracted and smitten with this man.

  22. DAM, Every Medium Will Ask "Did Someone Passed Away" Just To get You Going. Tik Tak Toe, I Ain't Got Time For This JOKE!

  23. What a bunch of hooha…Does anybody actually think this is real? There's lots of info on how these "mediums" trick gullible people. Besides the fact that it's "reality" TV which we all know is not real.

  24. Every gay guy loves skiing I went skiing last night with 2 sexy Boricua papi's 👀👀

  25. Lmao he was totally flirting at the end…and awkwardly so.. lol so funny. I almost couldn't watch it! I think we've all been in that situation to some extent. All giddy and crap! Glad his friend came through. Nice reading.

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