Where Hollywood messed up when it came to movies/blockbusters versus streaming platforms. I’ve always said that should have been done from the get-go.

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36 thoughts on “Hollywood Movies Should Go Straight to Netflix

  1. The reason why they stick heavily with theaters is because it just makes more money. Avengers: Endgame made as much as it did simply because they could charge you $12+ at a cinema to see the movie once. You can look up theater sales and digital sales and there is too large a gap to go only digital. Plus pirating is WAY easier if a digital copy exists. I personally prefer the theater experience but I live in NC so the theaters hardly ever have the issues you've described.

  2. I think its due to the deals studios make with theaters regarding releases, so that's why they just don't release them straight to a streaming platform. Plus if they do that, won't theater chains lose money? It's not just studios that would lose money to the current situation. According to Christopher Nolan, "theaters are a vital part of social life, providing jobs for many and entertainment for all." It sucks you didn't have a pleasant moviegoing experience in the past but there is something special about watching movies in theaters.

  3. Is it just me, or does anyone think that the guy on the left of the thumbnail looks like an unbroken W.D. Gaster.

  4. Frankly the only thing that is worth going to the movies for nowadays is the BADASS audio

  5. Why does this feel like karma for Hollyweird? They have killed the golden goose by pushing their agenda.

  6. I get what your saying alteori I mean in the past going to the theatre was the thing to do these days most movies they make aren't worth the ticket price it's smarter to wait until it comes out on DVD or streaming services

  7. Maybe theater systems like Regal and AMC should have had a digital streaming back up. You are right, but it Disney and Marvel were to charge inflated prices it would be a good way of NOT getting people to spend on the product. I would never spend $40-$60 on a movie. Not just to see it once, not even to see it multiple times in one day. Not that most could even with Corona keeping everyone indoors. People have to school their kids, cook meals, clean messes made by said kids. Thats if they have families I know, but even me who lives relatively alone, I clean house, prep and cook food, do YouTube and am a sort of counsellor in social media, it's hard to find more than 4 hours of time to myself. But don't get me wrong, you're on the right track, it's definitely an idea worth looking into and refining.

  8. Alteori you have had some horrible theater experiences🤣 I feel it's better watching a blockbuster at the theaters because it's a classic feeling.

  9. I like your avatar it kind looks like a eevee evolution the black one umberon think it's called anyway i like it 👍👍👍

  10. Yeah I hate it when kids kick your chair at the movies, those little buggers lol

  11. You have a point, you know nowadays most peaple in Europe cant get out of their houses because of the virus so it would be better to put SOME movies
    Into netflix just so people can watch them from home

  12. They should go straight on bluray , 4k bluray and dvd not Netflix . The bluray quality is far better than the compressed one from Netflix .

  13. I would choose the theaters over streaming I really wanted to see black widow and fast 9 in May and the eternals and Godzilla vs Kong in November others I can just wait for them to become available for rental while Netflix can be fun overall I’m not a fan streaming mostly Disney Plus I just want the Star Wars I really want the uncensored version of the season 7 to clone wars and marvel shows to come out on dvd

  14. Maybe this option sound reasonable, As along as they have Blu-rays and DVDs of it then go right ahead. Just concern for the Monsterverse and Jurassic Park/World franchises. Want to see them all on the big screen, or rent them on redbox before Netflix.

    Anyway, another great video, Alteori, I like it, see you in the next one.

  15. Amen, Sister! I really like the big screen and nice sound in the theaters but…….often I need to take a leak right in the middle of the movie and I'll miss part of the movie when I go :'( …..or I just hold it and not enjoy the climactic third act of the movie because I'm doing constant kegel exercises right there in my seat :'(. If the movie streams to my home I can just pause it, go to the bathroom and then enjoy the rest of the movie : )

  16. It's a difficult thing. I really love the movie theater experience, so i would not want that to disappear. But the experience I loved is rarely what I get when I go to the theater now. And I'm charged a ton more money to not have that experience.

    I kind of liked the way Disney released their movie Onward. It was for sale as an early access purchase (so you had to buy the digital copy) and then direct released to their streaming service a bit later. So, an opportunity for nonsubscribers was given, in the form of purchasing. Otherwise it was included in the Disney streaming service. They charged $20 to buy it, so normal digital purchase price for a new movie, but way cheaper than going to the theater with my daughter. Maybe that would be great, especially for movies that someone would watch multiple times. Maybe not great if it ended up being a terrible movie and now you own it.

    Hst, I'm not sure that Once upon a Time in Hollywood would have been the same experience without the theater. Would I have still liked it? Probably. But the experience would definitely have been less than perfect (but it was already less than perfect because I don't have any rl acquaintances who understand Tarantino films and I hate explaining movies to people).

  17. After this is all over there will definitely be a sea change in the movie industry. More likely it will mean shorter times for movies in cinema, get them out of the cinema before the new car smell wears off, put on streaming for a premium movie theater rate to get the extra stay-at-home audience. That is hopefully all they do. I really like the theater experience, maybe if they do quick streaming releases shortly after theatrical those annoying people will stay at home and wait a few weeks for streaming….that's what I personally would like to see.

  18. I would love for the movies to come out on streaming when it hits theaters but I believe pirating and deals they make with the theaters are probably keeping them from doing it. Personally I was able to "get" all the movies they put on digital the day they put them out and let me tell ya I did not pay no 30 bucks to rent it.

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