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40 thoughts on “Hollywood Netflix Review

  1. I knew the “crazy happenings” were real without watching the external documentary. They don’t call it hollyweird for nothing

  2. Good review…I agree with your opinion about episodes 1-3 VS episodes 4-7.

  3. Hi! just finished the series and while I agree with your points…I thought in episodes 1-3 they were showing what Hollywood really was. And in episode 4-7 they were heading into the "What If" part of the tale. With them veering off the…I guess timeline into something new. Does that make any sense? LOL!

  4. Best review of the Series. Thank you. I agree that I would have liked more time for Ryan to flesh out these characters. They all were interesting. At the end, I felt short changed. I also recommend reading the book "Full Service" or seeing the documentary on "Dreamland" as background material before watching the Series. Some of things in this Series, as you mentioned, actually happened!

  5. Doesn't Patty Lapone look like a whiter Phylisha Rashad???? I can hardly tell them apart!

  6. Nah. They knew exactly what they were doing, which is why this revisionist foolishness will replace the reality of those terrible times in the minds of 20 to 40 year olds.

  7. I think your review was spot on – fun series but too much was going on to develop any one thing in a satisfying way.

  8. I'm glad there was a revisionist history, I'm just sick of what the world looks like right now. It was great to pretend for a few hours that there is an alternate universe where the good guys can actually win sometimes.

  9. Hey, was it just me ? Did anyone else catch the part where Camille called out her boyfriend for " passing"? Was he supposed to be biracial?

  10. I saw a post by Queen Latifah and thats why I started watching. I Almost didn't complete the series. I thought it was one step away from soft porn BUT I made it through and agree the later episodes reallly make it worth it. Interesting for sure.

  11. Girl I was gagging I have  seen esp. 1-3 and I love  it!!! please  keep the  reviews  coming  your channel is the best !

  12. Sorry too wokedy woke for me and u mean to tell me theres NO HETEROSEXUAL BLACK ACTOR trying to break through?? No harry belefonte, woody strode??? Totally agenda driven, characters underdeveloped and everything was made way too easy and the actress playing Camila was so FLAT and monitone it bored me. The plus and what the film SHOULDVE been about was the seasoned actors like Patti Lupone etc THEY WERE GREAT and I loved Jim Parsons. I strongly felt Rock Hudson was done wrong. Entertaining until the last episode

  13. I binge watched it in one day also. There was a lot of subjects to cover in seven episodes but it was good. I liked that everyone was able to play a role in Peg…I meant Meg.

  14. I really wanted them to dig deeper into Rock Hudson's story. Even though it was partly fiction the parts with his agent were mostly based in truth. Loved the artists overall. Archie was amazing! I like the gas station guy too

  15. This was a phenomenal series. Bravo netflix! The actors, costumes, and storyline was great. An exposure of getting ahead in Hollywood with vulgar treatment to upcoming actors and how they sacrifice their dignity let alone their bodies to have a successful career. I believe this is a true depiction of past and present Hollywood.

  16. I'm a history buff, so this was right up my alley. I really enjoyed the show, so needless to say, I binged. I do agree with you about the 1st 3 episodes. They could've been condensed and gone deeper into other characters. But, thats a pretty small gripe for an awesome show.

  17. I binged it in one night 😂 admittedly, I only started watching for Darren Criss, but Jeremy Pope’s performance made me stay

  18. Hello… I have just subscribed to your channel based on this review…. you are right about all of it…. episodes 1 to 3 were dragged with unnecessary info about Castello… from episode 4 to the end was very rushed concerning the making of the movie…. and honestly I didn't like the ending…. I guess because it was too perfect and I thought at the end, one of the main characters would wake up from a dream (the Oscars)…. but out of ten…. I'll give it an eight…. great review!!!!

  19. I actually liked episodes 1-3 a lot, wished all of the episodes were drawn out in this way. I liked how the characters overlapped into each others stories.

  20. I thought it was phenomenal. It was clear to me that they were telling a fictional story with elements of truth and I think it was smartly done. It's definitely worth the watch.

  21. everything you said was spot on. I loved Hollywood, but epsiodes 1-3 were dragged out a little too much. Also, this hairdo is everything!!!!

  22. You are literally the reason I'm watching it. You've convinced me. I watched the 1st episode and I'm hooked. Thank you. This video literally made me tune in. And that's hard to do. Lol.

  23. Remarking on what you said about the costumes, they were truly beautiful but the real question I kept having was what year is all this supposed to be happening in? It was almost a fantasy trip down the rabbit hole because there were so many divergent time period things going on. Logically the story would have to be around 1948 based on Vivien Leigh talking about her upcoming project of Streetcar Named desire and other things yet the should pads were mere like during WWII but then the men's costumes were more 50s and so much of the furniture was later than that. I even saw a chair from the 70s. Then it is mentioned about the new acting style of realism which was the "Method Style of Acting" aka James Dean and Marlon Brando in the 50s. Enjoyed it though!

  24. The acting could've been better. Clair character was out of place and not needed. Instead of bringing in two white boys, they could have had made jack character gay. A lot of parts were unnecessary for.

  25. Question what happened to The Scene that is Your Background? 🤔 I didnt see it in the show.

  26. So, Ernie had Cancer most likely Lung cancer but stayed smoking. 😒🙄😒 In 2020 people still smoke with Lung cancer

  27. This show is Hollywood protectionist propaganda. Imposing inclusive values on an industry at a time when it didn't have them (and some could argue that it still doesn't) is not just revisionist, it's disingenuous; which in turn, makes it dangerous.

  28. This was a fantastic show, i was routing for them all and i always cried when then won. 👏🏾

  29. So you really wanted a documentary. This was a Hollywood fantasy with a real Hollywood ending!

  30. Haha. You think the first three episodes didn't focus enough on characters like Camille because this is the story of an alternate Hollywood envisioned by a gay white man. There should be no surprise that the perspective focuses on gay men and white men… and delves into the lives of Rock Hudson, his manager, Henry Williams, Adolph Zukor, etc. Of course, Ryan Murphy is going to be more interested in what it would be like for a straight, white leading man dealing with the Hollywood casting couch and even focus more on the character development of a gay black man more than he focuses on the character development of women of any ethnicity. As Archie says, "Write what you know."

    I was impressed that he chose to focus as much as he did on Hattie MacDaniel's history. And I was surprised by how everything ended. The final episode has a very apt title.
    If this show were written by a black person, I would expect more focus on the development of the black characters and black history.
    Although, even as is, I was uncomfortable through every episode after the pilot – because Archie, Roy, Camille and Ray would be dead in real life. There was just enough tension in that regard for this specific Hollywood story.

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