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50 thoughts on “Hollywood Netflix, Westworld Season 3 Finale REVIEW

  1. Grace spilling the Ryan Murphy casting couch tea is SENDING ME! LMFAO! Just so casual about it.

  2. the best was Holland Taylor, and the gay love story was horrible and obvious. All the minorities were secondary characters. THAT'S what was bad.

  3. Yeah i was pretty much done with this show before the finale, but after i watched this episode i felt content not to carry on with the next season.

    Season 1 was probably the best season of a show I've watched. Season 2 wasn't as good but still had me. The show now just feels completely different & not in a good way. Shows evolve but this just isn't what had me gripped before. The writing is terrible, the acting especially from a couple of characters is terrible (some are good), they've gotten rid of most of the interesting characters, full of plot-holes & decisions that don't make sense or fit the character, motivations either feel pointless or constantly change, entire characters now feel pointless, the action scenes are so incredibly dumb etc. Such a shame.

  4. Murphy has stated this show is a reimagining of these famous individuals, they are supposed to be what if like stories. They are not meant to be accurate.

  5. Also when You said that why didn’t jack take acting classes he made the decision to work at the gas station because he had a responsibility to his family who was struggling to survive he didn’t know what he signed up for when he arrived at the gas station but decide to stay because the money was great and his family needed it

  6. I couldn't stand the monologues in Westworld either which is why I didn't like either Delores's or William's characters. I started fast forwarding through their speeches in season 2 and haven't stopped. It makes the episodes very short for me:)

  7. Am I the only one that finds it weird that grace is reviewing Westworld season 3 when she didn't with season 1 and 2

  8. Interesting how all these shows are playing with the same idea. Black Mirror, Devs, Upload, Altered Carbon, Westworld. Saving your consciousness is almost it's own genre now.

  9. I was screaming at my screen for the MIB host to kill William. That character overstayed his welcome a long time ago.

  10. Squeaky wheel… Gangs of London? Very very good. Went down a storm in UK. On SKY ATLANTIC

  11. Thought this live stream was great. Especially the Hollywood review and follow up conversation, was fascinating.
    Will give Upload a watch now cos of your recommendation.

  12. I watched 2 seasons of WW…listening to this review I won’t be starting back up again anytime soon. God love your loyalty. ✌🏼

  13. I only watched the first season and knew 2nd will be very bad unfollowed the series way before and letting my imagination take away the series of how it could go and end

  14. Hi Grace, love the show but haven't gotten around to seeing the new season of West World yet. Looking forward to watching it latter though.

  15. First of all, hollywood had an amazing cast and crew behind it, it's a fantastic show. That being said, it went from struggles in the beginning to sunshine and rainbows towards the end.

  16. What was your opinion on the Politician? because I was so excited for that, but then it was so disappointing for me! I at least thought that writing-wise Hollywood was a lot better, but I did have a lot of problems with it too?

  17. Dolores's robotic face assembly mechanism and most of the opening credit footage of the show is direct ripoff from Ghost in the Shell: Innocence animated movie.

  18. Very very biased opinion about westworld, looks like you've watched the show half-hearted.

  19. What exactly does grace mean when she says Ryan Murphy has a bit of casting couch ? Does that mean he casts the same type of people , that he has a certain type idea of what he wants to cast? Or something else ?

  20. Can we just talk about how David Corenswet could be the new Superman IF Cavill is ever replaced! I love Cavill as Superman btw but they never really gave him the break he needed in the role.

  21. The fact is that Ryan Murphy, despite his benign attempts to have more inclusive roles in his stories, is an extremely shallow writer. He cares more about spectacle and overt themes than any good character arcs or well-constructed plots. I will always respect the steps he tried to make but I will never be a fan.

  22. Grace mentioned that Hollywood was liked only by the representation but I liked it and I'm not gay or black. Dunno, I'm just a cinephile and I liked the callbacks. I understand how they changed Rock Hudson's story but still it was so interesting and well acted that yeah I liked it.

  23. We are starting Upload tonight, because of you suggesting it. Saw the trailer & wasn’t too impressed, but Grace your recommendations are always👍🏼.

  24. But Grace I bet the same people that saw Shazam and were like "YAY world" watched joker and were "NAY world!" so yeah we understand her 😛

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